1/ #KanyeConJob UPDATE

The attorneys for @kanyewest filed his response to the two challenges filed against him at the end of last week.

It is a treasure trove of jaw-dropping arguments.

Long thread coming ... https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/7032863-Kanye-West-Response.html
2/ #KanyeConJob UPDATE

Let's start with the fact it claims the "Kany West campaign represents a uniting, inspiring and faith-based vision that is successfully motivating disenfranchised and previously unengaged voters to participate in the political process."
3/ #KanyeConJob UPDATE

It would be funny if it weren't so insulting.

Obviously the characterization of the campaign is laughable.

But the characterization of #Wisconsin voters - that they would be otherwise "disenfranchised" or "unengaged" - is disrespectful and untrue.
4/ #KanyeConJob UPDATE

But it gets worse.

The response continues "People of color have long been marginalized in this county ... seeking to remove Kanye West from the ballot ... Complainants are continuing this marginalization ..."
6/ #KanyeConJob UPDATE

The Republican operatives propping up West know #VotersOfColor will not support the current Racist-in-Chief.

They hope West's campaign will draw enough votes away from @JoeBiden that #LoserTrump can eek out narrow wins in swing states like #Wisconsin.
7/ #KanyeConJob UPDATE

That is the EXACTLY what the #KayneConJob is meant to do.

As I wrote before, "the fundamental assumption – that black voters will vote for a black man based solely on the color of his skin – is a profoundly racist position." https://www.marionicolais.com/post/the-kanye-con-job
8/ #KanyeConJob UPDATE

The response then claims, "Denying the wishes of thousands of people who signed to place Mr. West on the ballot only serves the interests of the two major parties ..."

That is #Gaslighting.

West on the ballot serves only #LoserTrump and his campaign.
9/ #KanyeConJob UPDATE

Apparently, as state in the response, West and his running mate are also both residents of the State of #Wymoing.

Under the 12th Amendment, that means electoral college electors from WY can't vote for him if he wins the state.

Sorry #Cowboys!
10/ #KanyeConJob UPDATE

After multiple pages of blathering idiocy, the response finally makes its way to actual argumentation.

And the legal contortions it makes are a sight to behold.
11/ #KanyeConJob UPDATE

The #Wisconsin Elections Commission apparently claims that the paperwork was filed 14 seconds after 5:00 p.m.

This is important because courts have ruled that WI election law on this matter requires "strict compliance" - any deviation voids the filing.
12/ #KanyeConJob UPDATE

Consequently, West's attorneys do some contortions worthy of @Cirque du Soleil.

Specifically, they point out that the "statutory provision does not distinguish between minutes and seconds."
13/ #KanyeConJob UPDATE

And then they drop a mind-blowing argument:

"The phrase 'not later' ... indicates that the seconds from 5:00:00 to 5:00:59 are inclusive of 5:00 p.m. ... for something to filed later than '5 p.m.' it would have to be filed at 5:01 p.m."
14/ #KanyeConJob UPDATE

Folks, we have lost cabin pressure.
15/ #KanyeConJob UPDATE

The brief then goes on for multiple pages blaming everyone BUT West and the operatives taking advantage of his #MentalHealth.
16/ #KanyeConJob UPDATE

They blame the #Wisconsin Election Commission staff for locking the doors.

They blame the media for getting in the way.

They blame a Democratic operative for filming them.

They blame the clock (no, really).
17/ #KanyeConJob UPDATE

The brief actually states, "The lack of a common clock or common timekeeper violates the Equal Protection Clause."

I mean, high school students across America must rejoice over that argument!
19/ #KanyeConJob UPDATE

The brief then claims that all the signature gatherers followed the law and did not misrepresent the purpose of the nomination papers.
20/ #KanyeConJob UPDATE

That means they claim #Wisconsin voter Cherrel Pernell is a liar.

Pernell signed an affidavit that she was told signing was to make "sure people were registered to vote" and "If I had known [it was for West], I wouldn't have signed the papers ..."
21/ #KanyeConJob UPDATE

It means they claim #Wisconsin voter Curlie Carter is a liar.

Curlie signed an affidavit that Curlie felt "rushed" and misled. Curlie also stated, "I do not think Kanye West shoudl run for President and I would never support or vote for him."
22/ #KanyeConJob UPDATE

West's attorney's claim that these affidavits were only obtained "after being contacted and harassed by Democratic Party operatives" and the affiants "suffer from buyer remorse."

What a sick thing to say about #Wisconsin voters.
23/ #KanyeConJob UPDATE

West's team follows that up with the claim that because many more people didn't sign affidavits, it proves that nothing underhanded happened.

Again, #Gaslighting.
24/ #KanyeConJob UPDATE

As for incorrect addresses, West's lawyers argument is effectively:


Who wants to bet the same folks regularly claim #VoteByMail is rife with fraud and the #Election2020 is "rigged"?
25/ #KanyeConJob UPDATE

The complaint DOES list the home address for West in response to the claim he didn't properly fill it out:

3203 Big Horn Ave, Cody, WY 82414

Maybe I should drive up and check it out, to be sure? Think he'd let me in?
26/ #KanyeConJob UPDATE

As for the #FakeNames on the nominations (e.g. Mickey Mouse, Bernie Sanders), West's lawyers say "the majority of these challenges are misguided and ill-informed."

I mean, @BernieSanders has definitely been to #Wisconsin before and Mickey is always on TV
27/ #KanyeConJob UPDATE

Little things like illegible printed names, missing dates, and missing address information are all to be overlooked according to West's laywers.

But, again, I'm sure they don't think that should apply to #VoteByMail ...
28/ #KanyeConJob UPDATE

Finally, it fascinated me that the attorney who filed the nomination papers - Lane Ruhland - for West is NOT the attorney who submitted this response.

It is an entirely different firm.

Maybe some of the partners weren't happy about the blowback?
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