Just joined @SpaceX as Director, Starlink Sales. I'll help bring 🛰️ @SpaceXStarlink (space internet, http://starlink.com ) to the world.
I wrote my grad thesis on commercial human spaceflight, but left the industry in 2008. I had lost faith that interesting space things would happen during my career. SpaceX has changed the game, and I believe again.

Most folks don't know about Starlink yet, but you will. We're building high speed internet beamed from space to everywhere on Earth. Powered by thousands of satellites, which SpaceX has made cheap enough to build and launch at scale. https://twitter.com/SpaceX/status/1291626962411126784
We're going to get the other half of humanity online, then use the proceeds to get to Mars 🔴. We choose to do all these things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard. Let's go! 🚀
Thanks @davidanderman for bringing me in. Thanks @ethanjb, Karina Drees, @EbadiSiamak, @AerospaceEmma, @gautier_brunet, @BrownTristanh, @cjwake, Ryan Hallahan for spacetalks. Thanks @upadhye_a, @annabelrchang, @AFBruin, Emily Long, Stefan Long for strategic support.
Thanks @fergushurley, @cameronbalahan, @clay_garrett, Ying Huang, @stephgrodin, @AlykhanKurji, @caz_starsiak, Lisa Jakobovits, Matt Ross for helping my parallel PM interview process. Can't do nuthin cool w/o friends, and I've got some good ones 😻
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