"Largely uninvestigated", except by all the endless investigations that there have been.

Nick Cohen writes about two a year since 1997.

No article of mine has been promoted on Twitter without half a dozen chumps linking to Monbiotist conspiracy theories about "Koch-funding". https://twitter.com/ClarkeMicah/status/1293189837906800640
Sorry, @ClarkeMicah, you've gone soft in the head.

There has been endless conspiracy theorising about "the legacy of the RCP" since the 1990s.

You know it, too, since you quote it without your characteristic scepticism. Too happy to smear in this case.

It is of course, the go-to one-stop shop for all alleged "journalists" wishing to trash reputations with conspiracy theories and smears.

But nobody ever asks who runs the Powerbase website they copy from, without a second's thought.
"Powerbase is a venture initiated by Spinwatch in collaboration with Lobbywatch, GMWatch Red Star Research and Corporate Watch"

One commentator pointed out it might just as well be called "Jew-watch", for its overt antisemitism.
Powerbase claims it is "a free guide to networks of power, lobbying, public relations and the communications activities of governments and other interests."

But in reality, it is a smear site with its own political agenda.
Tom Harwood pointed out the problems with their claims to independence a few years ago, in this Twitter thread. https://twitter.com/tomhfh/status/1178654677019381761
This being the most interesting...

Strange bedfellows, @ClarkeMicah... https://twitter.com/tomhfh/status/1178654703082704896
Here are funders of sister project, Spinwatch. Quite why he needs so many websites, I don't know...

Funders include Zac Goldsmith, FoE and Greenpeace, as well as some other suspect names.

It's cash-for-smears. That's all it is. Take note, Hitchens.

Gosh... Look at them, @ClarkeMicah!

Why has nobody investigated these links?!

Why has everyone instead just copied the claims from the pages, as though it were Gospel?
Here's the dirt on me...

It includes info on what events I went to at Uni!

It was obtained by Simon Ross, a campaigner at the neomalthusian (neofascist) Optimum Population Trust, after I exposed his links to actual white supremacists.

Revenge smear.

Ross trawled Facebook for the info, an act which would now be considered illegal.

That is the lowlife scum producing the "facts" @ClarkeMicah takes at face value.
So, what there is there, is a cash-for-smears site, operated by a noted antisemitic political campaigner, who pimps his services to left/green/weirdo causes, to harass their critics.

That's all it is.

Swallow it at your peril, @ClarkeMicah.
"Is it a coincidence that we criticise Monbiot and Lucas, and that we end up on their project’s blacklist?"

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