I’ve been communicating with a postmaster from the Midwest.

A week ago, he had no concerns about USPS’ ability to handle #VoteByMail volume this fall.

After the Trump/DeJoy sabotage at the agency, he’s not so sure anymore.

Here is what he said verbatim today:
“Sadly, I am growing concerned. Our plant here in [City A] has fallen behind by about 3 days. I am told [City B] plant is doing better, but is also behind. I spent 5 years in [City B], delays NEVER happened there. [Two other cities] are behind as well.
”We are not given that information, but based on tracking parcels for our customers, we can see when parcels arrive at the plant. The only time we aren’t surprised to see that is the second week of December, when all facilities are overwhelmed.
“If parcels are being delayed, flats and letters are being delayed. This is highly unusual. The end units are functioning as usual, but we are seeing what appears to be delaying of all mail.
“As an aside: there are a good many Trump supporters in upper management. I expect those who were separated were not. If you’re going to perpetrate nefarious activities, you will want like minded people on your side.
“My gut feeling is the goal is twofold.

A. Undermine faith in USPS in an effort to discourage vote by mail.

B. Set up an environment where people begin to care less about privatization.
“Since the naming of the new Postmaster General, there are a small group of Postmasters that I know well, we are watching and communicating regularly.
“The sanctity of the mail, our commitment to our customers, the integrity of our process, and keeping our employees safe has always been the top priority for most of us. I have personally driven baby chicks to another state in order to ensure they made it alive and well.
“Needless to say, this change is distressing. Until this week, I wouldn’t have questioned our ability to fully handle election/political mail. Our standards at delivery units have not changed. All of our reports, certifications and audits are the same.
“Our concern has become delays in mail arriving to our facilities. BUT rest assured, there are some of us who will not be quiet about what we see. Some will not, as the USPS has a reputation for retaliation against whistleblowers.”

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