Jakehoon being soulmates- a thread of moments;
Im making these because you can’t not like jakehoon, i just know they’ll meet one way or another
this will be a continuous thread!! ill keep updating it as long as we get more jakehoon moments
Thread Starting with jakehoon pranking Jay in the bathroom
Sunghoon: Jake is cute
Jake and Sunghoon practicing the dance!!
Jake massaging sunghoon
Sunghoon putting the headband on jake
You can’t separate jakehoon
Jakehoon inseparable
Jake and Sunghoon waiting for each other
best bros
in here Jake mentioned how he learned a lot from Sunghoon and he will continue to rely on him in part two
their faces when they asked jake about sunghoon 🥺
Jakehoon’s little arm wrestling competition
when jake decided to crash on sunghoon’s bed
jakehoon holding hands in tiny
jakehoon during the dance battle 🥺
jakehoon’s first few conversations 🥺 in episode 1
you just know jake and sunghoon’s gonna be there for each other no matter what
Jakehoon crumbs in episode 8 🤩
jakehoon being inseparable in ep 8
another jakehoon clip in ep 8
Sunghoon supporting his soulmate’s performance 😌

©️ @angelicsunoo
Jakehoon’s reaction when they found out they’ll be in the same unit 🥺
the way jake jumped on sunghoon’s bed and sunghoon telling him he was the one who picked out his new pants 🥺
jakehoon ep.9
Q: Who is the most handsome member except you?

Sunghoon: Jake
Jake: Sunghoon

soulmate culture
“Just like you helped me, I’ll help you too”

-jake to sunghoon in episode 10
jakehoon iland cam moments
sunghoon comforting jake in tonight’s ep 🥺
jake hitting sunghoon with a pillow 😭
Jakehoon being inseparable in episode 11
Sunghoon: Jake you’re on my team

Jake: Yeah i like that
jakehoon, cleaning buddies
jake shared his drink with sunghoon 🥺
jakehoon said: space?? idk her
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