Janmashtami – a day to celebrate 8th Avatar of Sri Vishnu, THE greatest Gurus of all – Sri Krishna. While Bhagwan Vishnu has taken many Avatars, two of them are most revered and worshipped – Shri Ram and Shri Krishna.

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Now, I’ve written few days back about Shri Rama and what makes him so revered. I thought of doing something similar on this auspicious occasion of Janmashtami.

I confess on being stumped and didn’t know where to begin. I’ve written and re-written this thread with my thoughts+
poured in, but none seemed right. It’s absurd to even think that I could try and decipher Bhagwan’s Avatar with my meagre intelligence. At last, I meditated on Him and what came as an inspiration, I’ve documented here.

Shri Krishna lead his life by example and every ‘leela’ of+
His has lesson for Humans. I’m documenting few of His not so focused life lessons to take inspiration from and follow in our daily life.
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1)Team Work – It’s a known fact that Shri Krishna is fond of butter and women in Gokul (including Maa Yasodha) were miffed (although for show) with Shri Krishna for eating all the butter. They came up with an idea to store butter along with other milk products in a pot and tied
it to ceiling far from Shri Krishna’s reach. And what does Shri Krishna do, He gathers all His friends and makes a ramp to climb upon and eats the butter. He showed us that united and with a common Goal, we can achieve what seems to be impossible.
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2)Second Chance & All Life Mattes – Kalia Nag episode is quite famous for Shri Krishna doing ‘narthanam’ on Nag’s hood. I’ll not go into details, but He in this episode of His life showed us that to Him, all Life matters. He doesn’t differentiate between innocent cattle that was
lost in River Yamuna and poisonous Nag that was causing havoc. Everyone deserves a chance, reform yourself and surrender unto Him, He will show compassion & Love.

3)Humility – When Arjuna and Duryodhana goes to meet Shri Krishna seeking His support in upcoming Kurushetra War,
Duryodhana choose to sit by Bhagwan’s head while Arjuna sat at His feet. Shri Krishna upon waking up saw Arjuna and asked Him what He wants. Duryodhana interrupts saying he was the first one to arrive so Shri Krishna should listen and fulfil his request first. Bhagwan rebukes him
softly saying that He saw Arjuna first, so He’ll grant his wish first. Even though Duryodhana got to make the first choice, Bhagwan makes it clear that Humility is the best virtue in front of Him and He rewards it greatly.
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4)Live in Present – He, an all-knowing being could have prevented the entire Mahabharata war from taking place. However, He chose to let the events play out and people make their choices, providing suggestions where He felt it was needed. He taught us how important it is to be+
‘mindful’ of what we do and act accordingly. Doing so helps our mental well-being

5)Karma – Gandhari cursed Shri Krishna that the entire Yadava clan would be destroyed just as entire Kuru clan. Here Shri Krishna being an Avatar could have nullified the curse, in fact He could
have stopped Gandhari from uttering the curse. But, He chose to give a very important and valuable lesson – Karma catches up to you, irrespective of whether you’re a Human or Avatar.

PS: These are purely my interpretation and I don’t claim to be 100% correct about it but.
On this auspicious occasion of Janmashtami, I request everyone that while we celebrate the greatest Guru, who’s teachings are still relatable, we take these important lessons and imbibe them in our lives.

Wishing everyone a Happy Janmashtami! Have a great rest of the day!

Source: Shri Krishna 🙂🙏

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