Can I tell you something you might not know about towns that run on agriculture? The farmers are rich.
You may imagine a farmer working the land. But the farmers own the land. They are primarily white.
The people who work the land are the day laborers from Mexico. Every day for six months, they come to the fields before sunrise in white buses. Even on Christmas.
But because of a farmer's place in American mythology, they get to pretend to be working class, the little guy, the common man. They get to vote conservative and say it's because they're good all-american boys who love Jesus and pulled themselves up by their bootstraps.
All while exploiting laborers and partnering with huge corporations to keep wages low. There is a high cost to cheap Walmart produce.
Every Spring, our town has a Harvest Dinner to celebrate the hard work of the agriculture industry. Tables cost $10,000 and there is a wait list.
Usually the tables are bought by companies and by farmers. The good news is that the dinner raises money for local scholarships for agriculture students.
If those scholarships go to the children of day laborers and they become the leaders in agriculture, I believe things could change.
In conclusion, if you have ever eaten a salad in the winter, the vegetables were most likely grown in our town. It's the lettuce capital of the world. When you look at your salad, please think of our field workers. ♥️
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