Read the article as it is a fair summation of where we are. However, I submit that it is far worse than being out of touch. We have lost. Nigh to a century of fighting and fighting and pushing and clawing and we have lost the argument. Will To Power has won. I am displeased.
And now to use my step stool to clamber upon my hobby horse: I agree that the DACA ruling was the final straw, but the craven actions of Paul Ryan and, yes, Mitch McConnell from January 20, 2017 to November 6, 2018 must be addressed forthrightly. Then there's John Roberts.
I, being the cockeyed optimist who believes the best in people as my late, lamented BFF would tease me that I am, believed, truly believed, that on January 21, 2017 there would be bills lined up like planes on a runway to be passed and then signed into law. I believed. I did.
No more one half of one third excuses. No more but we can't override a veto. Unitary control of the legislative and executive branches were in Republican hands, as we had been told they must be in order for anything to be done, and what happened? Nothing. Not a damn thing.
Spare me but the filibuster! Spare me but the courts! None of that seems to stop the Democrats. There wasn't even an attempt to move forward aggressively with the GOP agenda. I will not address McCain and the ACA repeal as even I am offended by the profanity I will use.
Setting aside the complete failure to push the agenda that the base was told give us control and we shall push it through, there was also the complete and total (and continuing to this day) refusal to push back on the claims that Trump is a Russian asset being run by Putin.
Yes, there are a few who have done so, but it most decidedly appeared as if Paul Ryan, specifically, believed that Trump would be out of office any day now. I do not believe the GOP establishment has ever addressed directly how much damage W's refusal to defend himself caused.
The base was already weary of defending a Republican President who won't defend himself. W did not teach the lesson that he was above it in an attempt at unity. He taught the lesson that defending him would lead only to contempt by him for those doing the defending.
You may find that unfair but as someone in that camp, that is absolutely the message I received. The well of tolerance for the GOP to refuse to defend its own was dry. Refusing to defend Trump from charges of treason? Acting as if the GOP still had no power? Go to hell.
The GOP deserved to lose the House in 2018. Do I think that losing the House was a good thing? Of course not. I did my part in voting R. But it was completely rational for people to look at the GOP being given what it said it needed and doing nothing and to hell with them.
Which brings us the long way around to the DACA ruling. My bone deep loathing of the administrative state and the use of executive orders and the pathetic and total refusal of Congress to do its job is well established. But I am also a realist underneath it all.
I am also not a second tier subject. There will be one set of rules, not two. The DACA ruling merely crystallized what has been a century in the making - namely that technocratic progressivism will be the law of the land no matter what the actual laws are.
Thus, upon it being made clear as glass that there is no voting our way out, Will To Power it is. We. Lost. All of us who have spent the better parts of our adult lives fighting and clawing and struggling to stand athwart have lost. Our arguments lie in ruins around us.
All that is left is power and the taking and use of it. If we are going to play the idiotic Will To Power game, then we shall play to win. It's not giving up. It's admitting that we have lost and attempting to save anything at all from the ruins. All hail Calvinball. Now win.
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