Just came back to say Yaqeen is the best American Islamic initiative to date in spite of its flaws, which should be addressed by senior scholars like Sh. Tahir Wyatt and Sh. Hatem Al Hajj.

Not narcissistic bellends and people with less than primary level knowledge of sciences.
The long refutation essays is reminiscent of the 90s and 2k pdf wars instigated by the Salafis.

And this modern pdf war is also orchestrated and supported by people with a similar low IQ mindset.
Get a life. Seriously. Islam is protected by Allah. If Islam could be distorted by deviants bear in mind the stone of the Kabah was stolen by heretics at one point.

We have been through worse and we have survived worse. One or two aberrant articles won't change Islam.
However, the toxic pdf refutation and expose wars cannot continue. It harms the hearts and minds of Muslims and wastes our energy and time which should be dedicated to more pressing matters.
The attacks on Jalajel for his Evolution Article demonstrates how ignorant the Muslim community still is and how the Adnan Oktar mentality still exists in the minds of lay Muslims.

Evolution is a topic a lot of Muslims in the STEM field struggle with.
Jalajel's works are just the beginning of the Muslim thrust to Islamicize the narrative of Evolution.

Academics like Jalajel are our asset. Attacking him is like cutting the nose to spite the face.
You don't have to read his articles if you are not in the field of biology to begin with. That article has helped a lot of folks who are constantly bombarded with the atheistic narratives on Evolution.

It's not perfect. But it's a step in the right direction.
If you don't have the background don't poke your nose into this issue. Stay in your lane. Not that hard.
Contrary to what Saajid Lipham claims the article is meant to help students in the field of science. They aren't appealing to the kuffar or the "west".

This low level Su Adh Dhan of Muslims need to end.
This doesn't mean I endorse Jalajel's views on other fields. Just to be clear.

Until further notice I am taking back everything I said in this thread.

Collusion with CVEs at any level is a red line for me.
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