Longish thread on why product marketing always loses to demand gen.

:Deep breath in:!

This sucks but it’s true, product marketing loses most arguments with demand gen.


CMO says: Where should we invest?
The demand kids come in with lots of data and charts and specific projections.

The PMMs roll up with an exciting narrative, a big launch plan, and deep customer insights.

Both sound great but......

Leadership is risk adverse. A bird in hand is worth two in the bush.
So we lose. Launch gets a weak investment and the company pumps more money into ads and SEO.

How do we change this? Bring product marketing from an art, to a science.

Here is the path:
1. Project revenue impact of launches.
2. Quantify voice of the customer w/ NPS.
3. Leverage sales team to be advocates of product marketing.
4. Build real repeatable benchmarks for launches.
5. Message test.
6. Prove out impact of product marketing w/ consumer psychology.
We need to establish these as a whole. Each team / company can't have totally unique versions.

What else you got? What's working what's not in measuring PMM impact?
And this is in no way a dig at demand folks. I'm just jealous of the clarity you all have when it comes to measuring results! Product and brand can get there too. Y'all are way out in front of us.
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