There are many aspects to #accessibility:
- physical (e.g. handrails, accessible toilets, non-slip flooring)
- sensory (e.g. no loud noise, no fluorescent lights, no strong scents)
- communication (e.g. sign language interpretation, patience for device users, image description)
- time (e.g. patience in general, frequent breaks, not interrupting people who take longer to communicate)
- clarity (e.g. maps / signs, schedules made available ahead of events)
- financial (anything non-free isn't accessible, though I know that can be hard to do)
- attitude (e.g. no infantilisation or fetishisation of disabled people, no invasive questions, #JustAskDontGrab)
- provision for multiply marginalised disabled people (e.g. gender-neutral toilets, spoken / written language interpretation)
- provision for clashing needs.
I'm almost certainly missing some categories, so feel free to add more.

Point is, I'm pissed at all the people who won't even put ramps in, when that's one of the most basic and well-known forms of accessibility. They're sure as hell not gonna do the rest too.
So the task of making things as accessible as possible almost always gets ignored, or left to disabled people and a few allies. But of course, we have the fewest resources, the least money, etc. We don't have a disabled wand we can wave to make things magically accessible.
So anyway, idk where I'm going with this, but be kind to disabled folks who aren't able to make things 100% accessible. They're probably trying harder than the rest of society put together, but with far fewer resources, while struggling with things like low energy etc.
And, quite frankly, Don't be kind to business owners etc who refuse to make even small steps toward accessibility. I know sometimes we have to be "civilised" (grovel) to get them to do the slightest thing. But wherever possible rage loudly and publicly until they fucking sort it.
Spare kindness for those who are struggling and trying anyway. Spare none for those with all the resources and all the excuses but none of the effort.

Accessibility IS complex, there is a lot to it. But it is doable, and it's not being done, and that's bullshit.
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