Fantastic work! Off to explore details #FacialRecognition #HumanRights #Privacy
These are not new concerns about #FacialRecognition #Surveillance #HumanRights
It is not a ban, it is a variable caution about infringing rights. It is hitting up against little to no appetite to stop the #FacialRecognition rollout that is underway in both public and private sectors
Background reading on risks to rights linked to Facial Recognition. The full recent report linked to in the thread is focused FR in schools, but core risks round bias, transparency, exception handling, reuse, misuse and access to redress are the same
We need better answers than we currently have to all of these excellent questions
Excellent thread from
@lilianedwards on details. What the judgement does and doesn’t mean. Biggest? Certainty about discrimination BEFORE implementation - Not failing fast by chucking out a discriminatory product to fix in the field - HUGE deal
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