Look at these shocking ZW 🇿🇼 exports that aren’t from an industrialised economy. They are natural resources&commodities.

The sleeping @Min_of_IC shld be engaging @czionline to see how finished goods can be produced&exported.

@ReserveBankZIM @ZimTreasury

Look at these imports. What is needed is for the @Min_of_IC to negotiate with @ZimTreasury on behalf of @czionline to have EODB, tax holidays & generous incentives if one can set up a manufacturing plant to produce any of the imported finished products. @ZEPARU1
The politicians&bureaucrats in ZW🇿🇼 economic ministries are economically illiterate.

When the economy is in misery as it is, the @Min_of_IC shld be taking the lead in providing solutions because they are largely to do with private sector productivity capacity & efficiencies.
As a citizen, I don’t know what the PAC members from the private sector like Busisa Moyo, @TrevorNcube, @ShingiMunyeza, @JoeMutizwa, etc are advising the President when it’s so glaring that nothing is being done about the manufacturing productivity capacity.

⏩Just few days ago, I read about the @Min_of_IC Min Sekai Nzenza talking about prices instead of productivity capacity.

⏩Right now @mhtestd Min Amon Murwira has taken the lead about local manufacturing of healthcare supplies in universities, itself the role of Min Sekai Nzenza
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