(Can be offensive) ILand Unpopular Opinions, a thread;
01. Jung Jaebom's vocals is as good as Geonu's. He's just not given enough screentime/opportunities to showcase this, but the few times he did, you can definitely hear how good and stable his singing is.
02. Heeseung is not an ace, he is THE ace. He is not overrated. He definitely deserves all the hype and praises. He is talented, has good control over his body, voice, and facial expressions.
03. Taki is not ready to debut. Yes, the boy is talented and has the potential and character, but not debut-ready yet. Esp when u think of the current rookies this year and the top ILanders. He needs time.
04. Jake is definitely a visual, but is not JUST a visual. People should stop wanting him in the debut lineup just so he could serve as the visual. He is talented, and he keeps improving. Stop sleeping on his talents.
05. EJ is extremely underrated. He is really talented, charming, and hardworking, but he (probably) fell of Eggies' list because of Mn3t's ev1l editing in Ep. 1.
06. Kim Taeyong's part in Fire is one among those that gave the most impact. The way his voice rasped and the tone of his voice matched the vibe of the song really well.
07. Youngbin is among the top-tier visuals of ILand. I think the reason why a lot does not realize this, is he does not shine when alongside other top-tier visuals of ILand and the lack of character.
08. Hanbin needs to step up. I'm beginning to think he's overrated. He's talented, and has the visuals but he needs to stop doing away from the spotlight. He should show he's deserving of the amount of support he's getting.
09. The show keeps disregarding rappers. Rappers such as Nicholas and Jay are not appreciated enough because the show focuses on singing.
10. K can be the leader of the final lineup. Some people keep saying no, just because commonly, the eldest members of groups are not the leaders. K has good control over the members, is matured enough to handle them, the run-to person, and they respect him a lot.
I may still add some to this thread, esp on part II. You can reply yours too.
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