This flag says, “we trust in god and white triangles”
A state flag to fly after we absorb our neighboring state
OLD MCDONALD HAD A FARM! E1049! (a cartoon flag for a cartoon people living in a cartoon state)
We are all about flower power here in Mississippi but the star in the middle just makes me think about apple cores
let’s write our state name on the flag because no picture could possibly represent Mississippi
Arts and crafts flag
This is actually OSHA’s flag (“...Tilikum never exhibited any signs of aggression.) #msleg #MSflag
OSHA’s rebranded flag #msleg #MSflag
G1507 really wanting to make white trapezoids happen
J1213 takes it a step further with a “mostly-white-rectangle” vibe and accessorizes with a completed flag design in a corner
J1331 attempting an optical illusion with wavy sides and seemingly bent arrows (arrows are actually straight as arrows; this is the illusion)
K1030 is the Admiral Ackbar we all want but will never obtain #msleg #MSflag
K1215 sporting cute stripes and dot-like stars- I want this sans text as a Girl Scout Badge awarded for being a communist
K1285 is a plagiarized design copied and pasted in the corner of a tablecloth
in god we trust 1 out of 20 times #msleg #MSflag
More “vbs-arts-and-crafts-bracelet-design-vibes” that god infested people will vote for
Z1001 just fucks you right into the stratosphere with an image of a flag flying against a background sky to be printed on a flag to be flown against a real ass sky. Z1001 is just short for “Mississippi inception” #msleg #MSflag
X1112 tryna point out something to my right??!!? Hope this flag is cut with a pointy side as shown here...
CS16 celebrates plant identification skills with green rectangles and a white god flower. I would buy these Girl Scout cookies let’s be real.
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