My sister, who is home for the next few days, is on immunocompromising medication. Tonight, on our way to pick up dinner, she talked about needing to tell her husband how to read the ledger she keeps... 1/?
How she needs to tell him what therapist he needs to send their daughter to if she brings COVID home from school and my sister doesn’t make it as a result... 2/?
Hearing your sister talk about her potential demise...knowing it’s a’s heartbreaking. Knowing that people WILLINGLY REFUSE to wear a piece of cloth over their faces b/c they feel it violates their infuriating 3/?
Knowing that this is the potential reality for your 9 year’s heartbreaking. Knowing that people can’t be bothered to mask b/c it isn’t a priority for them downright sickening. 4/?
Just tell my sister...tell my boy...tell them right to their faces...tell it to the faces of their loved ones that you could care less about their lives. That you can’t be bothered for 30 minutes to put a simple cloth over your face. You can’t be bothered to stay home. 5/?
That you have to live your lives and won’t be victims of fear to the unknown of COVID. Good for you! How blessed you truly are to not have to worry! I’m happy you don’t bear this burden that I and many others do. 6/?
It saddens me that the inconvenience of masking and social distancing has been mistaken for oppression. That is has been politicized. Wearing a mask and social distancing is the greatest act of kindness that any of us can perform right now. 7/?
I’m not sure that one can change the minds of those who don’t mask and/or won’t social distance. It’s popular to distrust the media and science these days. But I ask these...reach out to those of us who are living with loved ones we are desperately trying to protect... 8/?
Reach out to those who have had COVID and are recovering...reach out to those who have lost loved to those brave souls caring for the patients being ravaged by it. 9/?
This isn’t a hoax. This isn’t #FakeNews. THIS IS REAL. I pray that all of your loved ones are healthy and well. I pray none of you know what it’s like to think about your little boy, not even 10, dying...your sister, not even 43, dying. 10/?
And to think that you could keep someone else’s loved one here...just by donning a piece of cloth over your face and social distancing. Doesn’t seem like it’s too hard to do when you think about who it’s potentially saving by doing it. End.
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