I firmly believe this is the most romantic scene in tv history. The way they're both severely injured yet all they could think of was finding each other to hold on to, how Will finally lays his head on his chest. How Hannibal looks so victorious even though they're nearly dying
The zoom in on Will's bloody face. Hannibal's been shot and hurt, Will's been stabbed repeatedly and they're both covered in blood yet somehow in this moment they're just suspended in a dark and quiet peacefulness breathing against each other. And they look truly free.
The way Will *finally* looks at Hannibal in this scene. It's like as he once said - the scales have fallen from his eyes and he can see now. But he can also see his reflection also. He sees his true self reflected in Hannibal and what they just did together.
And that look is so reciprocated by Hannibal. Hannibal looks like hes borderline in pleasure at their closeness even through all his physical injuries. Like - he just looks at Will's bloody lips, then to his entire face like nothing else exists in that moment except Will.
And while we're here, Will had been trying to psyche himself up to take Hannibal out/let Dolarhyde do it but the second Dolarhyde actually tried to hurt Hannibal, Will attacked him & took a knife to the collar & face to protect Hannibal? Like...if that's not love? Idk what is?
And this moment....this is straight up the consummation of their love. This is more intimate than sex for these two. Its what they've both wanted for years but Will kept denying himself the pleasure of doing it for fear of losing himself to that pleasure. And lose himself he did.
In the end Will does know theres no going back & hed rather go out with hannibal to stop what theyve just created, than to have to live without him. He knows they cant survive separation and Hannibal knows it too -& he doesnt fight it because theyre going out in each others arms.
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