since it's four years ago, can we please add more to this? like how Bambam immediately thought of "his people" when he saw them at the airport after a long time of being away. or how Jinyoung takes care of the members by giving them water or chopsticks while they're busy +
deciding what to eat. or Mark giving Yugyeom an iPhone and cleaning his phone camera for him. how JB hugged Bambam in a show when he's asked to hug someone he's worried about when he doesn't see them. or how JB always says Jinyoung is his tombstone mate. +
Yugyeom being so close to Mark's family, he's already a Tuan in everyone's eyes. or how Yugyeom cried when he was pranked because he's scared of the group disbanding, he was so ready to pay for the wine he didn't drop on the floor. or Jackson insisting on JJap Jjap Project +
no matter how many times Youngjae betrays him in games. the boys making sure there are no candles on the cake before they smoosh Mark's face on it. them repeatedly saying it's funnier when it's the 7 of them and that sometimes ppl are shocked bc they hang out a lot outside work+
or how JB feeds Youngjae in America. how they know how JB behaves in front of his crush. how Jackson hypes up Jinyoung's new drama in that chaotic interview. how they cheered on Bambam in Hard Carry when he was having a hard time with the wakeboard...
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