Nothing makes me sad in line of duty than days like this when mob thinks the best thing to do is to attack firemen and get them injured in the name of 'coming late to fire scene'. There are several reasons firefighters get late to fire scenes. @segalink @DrJoeAbah Thread!
1.Citizens don't call; many times people don't make calls or make attempt to reach out to fire service when there are fire emergencies
Most times all citizens getting to the scene assumes the people met at the scene must have called earlier whereas nobody calls
2.Citizens don't call on time. Instead of calling after fire gets out of hand, citizens are expected to make a call as they are also making attempt to put out the fire before arrival of firefighters
3.Bad roads; Access roads to most fire scenes are so bad that someone trekking might get to the fire scene before the fire trucks
4. Poor detailed direction to fire scenes; most times fire callers are not patient enough to give detailed direction to fire scenes. Many times firefighters waste a lot of time trying to locate fire scenes because of poor road description by the caller.
5. Lack of Access road to fire scenes; most structures are built without consideration of enough space that allows fire trucks access their buildings which results to firefighters doing a lot of work and spending lot of times to enable them access the scene.
Lack of Fire Hydrants; Fire hydrant is a connection point by which fire fighters can tap into a water supply. To ensure fire trucks gain good speed, fire trucks don't necessarily need to turn out with full water if hydrants are available everywhere unfortunately, number of fire
hydrants in the country are so infinitesimal. Most times we fight what you fear, we run in when others run in but what we get in returns are curses
and beatings. I want to believe our offence is that we are not armed because I haven't seen Policemen attacked for coming late to robbery scene @MinOfInteriorNG @Fedfireng @IleowoKikiowo @Agilitymartin @lollylarry1
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