I keep telling people...they CANNOT keep this up for 84 more days.

The cracks started showing LONG AGO.

The lockdowns are ending SOON.
Two days ago President Trump SLAMMED THE DOOR SHUT on national mail in voting every being part of a bill he was 'forced' to sign due to Democrats holding the relief hostage until he gave in.

Now their only recourse is to SUE.
LOL. All they have left is useless posturing. There will be no bill, Trump's gone around their attempt to hold the relief hostage. https://twitter.com/axios/status/1293004207453331458?s=20
You know how the Democrats were **HOPING** this would go?

Eventually, after another week or so of Democrats holding it up, the GOP would **cave** & give them the bailout $ for the blue cities & the national mail in voting just to get the funds moving.
And then President Trump was supposed to VERY RELUCTANTLY sign the bill to rush that aid out to the people who desperately needed it. This is what was supposed to happen SEVEN TO TEN MORE DAYS FROM NOW after Democrats continued to hold the relief hostage to their demands.
But that's.....not what happened!
Now the **only way** they can get the bailout money to fix the blue cities they ran into the ground [and where they've been allowing all this destructive rioting] and the **only way** they can get national mail-in voting is by....

The optics of that are going to be BEYOND AWFUL.

And Trump will take full advantage of it.

So be of good cheer, little flock.

Trump knows what he's doing.

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