I will never understand how people ask me, a disabled person who was part of forwarding the disability justice framework, to be part of events that don't prioritize accessibility (e.g. no mention of access on the event info, no planning for access unless they are asked about it).
I am so fcking tired of having to always ask:

"will the event be accessible?"
"will there be ASL? captioning?"
"please add access info to your event page/flyer"

I turn down a lot of invitations because they are not accessible or bc people are not willing to prioritize access
I literally just rescheduled an entire training of over 1K participants last week because we weren't able to get the access tech working for all of them at the same time (Spanish and ASL interpretation, captioning, live streaming to another platform).
And you know what? No one was mad. No one sent angry emails. Everyone and i mean EVERYONE was in alignment that we should not move forward until things were accessible.
We received email after email from people expressing gratitude that we were principled about accessibility--and most of them were from people who DID NOT need the accessibility.
And i don't share the fact that no one was mad, to say that you should only make access a priority when folks are OK with it. I share it to say that the Disability Justice movement is powerful & we are shifting the tides & folks are understanding access as a political commitment.
Because let me tell you what: Access is just one part of Disability Justice and many of us (myself included) would like to be able to talk about, oh i don't know, Eugenics and abuse within the MIC and the violence that disabled people face every day, and abolition...
and white supremacy and heterocispatriarcy and collective care and language justice and housing/ land justice...

but we have to spend so much fcking time talking/asking/begging/for access because of abled supremacy.
ok, i'm done ranting. gotta go to a meeting i'm late for about building transformative justice.
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