To those of you defending obvious shills with “I know what they’re saying is suspect, but they have compelling info!” Let me ask you a question.

Do you hide poison in a pile of dog crap, or do you hide it in the ripest, juiciest piece of fruit you can find?
Psyops work because they attach themselves to SOME good information (think AJ). We know [they] want to find any way they can to get us to turn. Some of our adversaries are also high ranking people with access to top secret intel. They’re not (all) dudes it their mom’s basement.
The stakes are incredibly high. These people will do literally anything, you don’t think they’ll use some of that secret intel to dazzle us and get us to accept a psyop?

A drop of poison gets swallowed with a mouthful of nutritious food.

Logical thinking. And check your gut
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