Given there is absolutely no legal obligation on them to do so and it has no bearing on whether they qualify for refugee status, I'm genuinely curious to know, why you reckon refugees SHOULD seek asylum in the first country they reach. Really. Why?
And yes, I do have just the faintest grasp of ths functioning of EU law, thanks nerds. I know under Dublin Reg there is a system to distribute asylum seekers, linked to first country of entry. But 1. we've Brexited & come December that doesnt apply, & 2. That doesnt tell me why.
3. to out-nerd you, it isn't as simple as "EU law requires the first country rule". The default position is the first country where you are registered in the EU is the one responsible to process your claim, unless other factors including humanitarian/family links override that.
But all that is a distraction. I've so far not had a single logical or even vaguely sound response. Why. WHY should a refugee apply for asylum in the first safe country they reach?
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