This "Carlos" fellow is pointing out that Hezbollah has had control of the port area since 1982.

Tunnels and underground spaces are a specialty of Hezbollah.

What did they have in those tunnels and 'shelters' underneath the port, I wonder?
Whatever or whoever was in those tunnels, they're gone now. The crater goes more than 500 feet deep.

Nobody got away.

Almost all the missing are military-aged males.
I am paralleling the thread to raise it's visibility.

Carlos is now discussing the wheat storage silos next to the port warehouses that are now gone.

A national wheat stockpile that...didn't have any wheat in it. It's being said it had corn instead.
Can't be said often enough: if that HAD been 2,700 **tons** of ammonium nitrate going up, not just the **entire port** would be gone, much of the surrounding area would be gone too & the multiple massive fireballs would've reached to the heavens.
And Carlos has issued a correction: the crater is 141 feet deep, not 500. He misread.

Still, whatever was under the port in those underground shelters, nothing remains of it.
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