Is Tim Ballard lying to us all?
Check his organizations partnerships. Some organizations have interesting symbols. 

Tapping Solution with some Swirley Pedo symbols
doTERRA healing hands has a similar logo to orgs that were busted as pedo rings👇
USANA Foundation isn't the exact heart symbol but with the two above I figured I would add it.
The Operation Underground Railroad logo mimics the Freemasons Three chains👇
The Tapping Solutions was formed during the Sandy Hook Shooting🤔👇

Ballard say the Pentagram is symbol of peace and light?🤨

We all know it represents Satan, so why mislead us?
When OUR learned their operations and finances were being questioned, they hired the law firm Kirton McConkie, the LDS Church’s (Mormon) legal alter ego who shields them from sex abuse claims to serve a Cease & Desist👇
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