. @tim_cook Your company has made a lot of money over the years distributing music. Generally apple has paid us fairly, unlike many of the other digital services. You are a member of @digitalmediausa which has sued to lower songwriter royalties. Do you stand with them?
It’s so fucked. It’s an attempt to retroactively cut songwriters pay! The services won appeal on royalties for 2018-2022. So we are currently being paid at 13.3% if it went back to 10.4% this “overpayment” would be deducted from current royalties. Negative royalty checks coming.
For those civilians reading this thread. By law there is a federal court that sets songwriter royalties. It’s been dominated by the labels and digital services for years. But we’ve reached new heights of insanity where individual songwriters are routinely denied standing in court
You think the minimum wage sucks? Try living under a federally imposed maximum wage. A wage imposed by a kangoroo court that does not allow songwriters to present evidence or testify.
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