Stargate SG1: Season 3 Episode 15 "Pretense" (Dir David Warry-Smith) Airdate Jan 19, 1999

Daniel Rating: Jack is strong but Daniel is wise so Useful I guess, tho I think he made a better lawyer in Cor-ai
Ep Summary: The Tollans approach SG-1 to help in a Triad... for Skaara! They must argue who deserves the body more, him or Klorel. Meanwhile, Teal'c is suspicious of the goa'uld regiment and believes they mean to sabotage the Tollan defense grid
Ep Rating: It's fine!

Honestly that's about all I got. The moral quandary part is kinda thin but interesting. Watching Teal'c get to show qualities other than physical strength is endearing. I liked seeing Lila. I think the Skaara problem was wrapped up too easily
Quick note, at this point we start getting different air dates due to which channel the show aired on. I'm going with the earliest date which tends to be the Canadian channel
This episode was written by Katharyn Powers who wrote a lot of early SG-1 episodes and seems to stop after season 4. She's written some of my least fave ("Emancipation" and "Family") BUT she also had a tendency toward having prominent women in her stories
"Thor's Hammer" and "Thor's Chariot" were both written by her. She also gave us the Tollans in "Enigma" (which is a guilty watch episode for me) so it makes sense she's bring them back with a powerful woman in charge

I wish SG-1 had had more women writers is all
Out of Context Screenshot
We start the episode on a very short cold open. Two Goa'uld motherships are blow out of the sky and a death glider crashes. We don't know this is Tollana. But we absolutely recognize who is in the cockpit asking for help. Is he free of the goa'uld?
This is what happens when you make friends but block all incoming calls and send all emails to spam. They have to get creative in contacting you

But I think "contact by cat" is a new one
Just shoot Sam up to General already!

Also I'm not sure why Jack just goes "Cat." But I appreciate it.
Is this trying to set up "Shades of Grey"? Because, uh, that's not enough work to set up "Shades of Grey." But nice try Katharyn. At least you tried
A wild Narim appears.

So the last time we saw the Tollans was almost two years ago, a small group of unbelievably arrogant assholes went off with the Nox. Let's see if they can improve upon that encounter
He's still calling her "Samantha" and I hate it. I hate it more than I do with Marty. Also that first screenshot doesn't scream "it's good to see you" Sam. I think she's happier to see the cat!

Also that cat disappears from existence after this
Well that's it. That's the extent of Sam's contributions to this episode: interacting briefly with Nadim a couple of times

I wish I was joking
I dream of one day being as funny as Jack. Instead I'll seek to at least be creative in the ways I can say "Jack is a delight."
Daniel looking straight into the camera and thinking "of all the words aliens don't seem to understand, it's trial. Is it just to allow the aliens to be obtuse and make trial episodes in this show be full of twisty twist?"
Slight tangent, but 'trial' and 'tribunal' and 'justice' all come from Latin! And Latin seems pretty common in the galaxy. Also tribunal literally just meant "the seat the magistrate sat in" and magistrate just means master so 'tribunal' makes more sense than 'trial'??
This moment isn't quite as funny just in screenshots. But it's adorable nonetheless

Triad also is Latin, tho it definitely seems to have come to us via Greek 'trias.'

This isn't a term like "dial" that would cause confusion due to cultural differences is what I'm saying
Love Jack and Daniel talking in unison.

Sorry to spend so long about the etymology of words, but if you're going to decide the whole galaxy/universe speaks English, then everybody understand English. You can have fries vs chips as a point of confusion. Not 'trial.'
Sam reduced to making reactions faces. It's also nice that Daniel is the one that shows concern for his brother-in-law. We'll see how much the show remembers to keep that factoid in mind
Sam is so pretty

Somehow I think I got more none subtitled screenshots of her this episode than I did of Daniel. I was having an interesting day that day. Like my computer not wanting to take screenshots and save them to my folder accurately
It's funny how these people that are "way smarter than we are" don't understand the concept of 'marking a target so ships don't have to waste time finding targets' or send along a handbook on how to do Triad. It's almost like they're technologically advanced but not smart
I mean, if you sat me down with somebody from a culture that doesn't have cars and told us both to build a car from scratch, I'm not going to be able to do it. That person from another culture? They might! Depends on the culture, depends on the person
Just because I'm from a technologically more "advanced" culture doesn't mean I'm smart. Or even that my culture is smarter than another culture. Sam, without knowing how to make a stargate, made a dialing device from copper wires and mac computers. That's smart!
The Tollans probably have a book on how to build a stargate. That doesn't preclude them from being smart, but building a stargate just tells me they know how to follow directions of smarter people
I don't think "being able to carry useless weapons" was what they were worried about Nadim!

That being said, this part of their culture world building I actually like. They used their technology and justice system to get rid of warring in their culture generations back it seems
As such the current generation grew up without the war propaganda and subconscious bias, like we do in the US. Nadim being confused about needing weapons or the mother ships that stayed to get blown up despite warnings makes a logical amount of sense considering his culture
And right here we're having an interesting but understandable cultural clash. Something that makes more sense than "please explain 'trial' to me." When Teal'c asks questions like that I believe it because we're expected to believe English is a 2nd language
I even like this cultural addition. Teal'c, also a warrior like Jack, has spent most of his time being the scarily more advanced race & has reflected on how that looks to those he terrorized. He recognized the Tollan aren't that. Sam counters with science facts. All in character
Jack still isn't convinced of the finer point in question (that he is safe without his weapons) but is willing to listen to the feedback of his people. There is no reason, right now, to push back, especially since they may need the credit to argue something else
Anyways, I don't know why this is the tangent I've clung on to. But it highlights both a bad way to deal with cultural differences and a good way. And that your world building should consider if and why something makes sense
If there's something about your own culture you take for granted, why do you think that is? Why not go look it up and see how it evolved? It really helps you think through fictional world building

Also I like Travell. Nobody say anything bad about her
Obviously they gave Narim the update on Sam's promotion off screen (which is fine, not a nit pick). What I do want to know is if Narim has some office position that makes him the ambassador to Earth or just that he spent the most time with them before?
They're going very Greek with the Tollans. By design or by accident?

Also I couldn't think of a better way to get this world building into dialogue so it stands. But this would be the time for them to go "yes, here is cliffnotes data pad about Triad for you to study"
Daniel: I have one job, don't take this away from me!
Jack: When I want English translated, I go to Carter

There's nothing in the ep that says they DON'T give SG-1 a 101 pamphlet on Triad and there's some details that need to be said on screen for the audience
But it would be nice to know that our Earthlings studied the finer points of Triad before bumbling their way thru.

I wanna know who's idea it was to put Sam front in center to react to seeing Skaara/Klorel. She is the least invested in that
Which time? SG-1 has kicked Apophis butt a few times. Were you aware of the Neto thing? If so, why didn't Apophis reach out to his son who clearly still has allies and ships?

And in unnecessary emotional whiplash, Skaara speaks up without acknowledging Klarel
If I were Skaara I'd be pissed that my first interaction with my best friend and brother-in-law was marred by the jackass puppeting my body. I would have remarked that this isn't how I wanted this reunion to go because I know it's a bit of a shock to them
It is a nice device. I wonder why it never comes back ever. Something like that would certainly help Tok'ra and Tauri relations, knowing for certain that the symbiote and host share communication

Anyways the Tollan don't share any tech, not even the pacifist stuff. For reasons!
"Oh no but the power source could be used to make weapons!" Then work with Earth to use the power sources they've already learned how to turn into weapons to make the pacifist tools that would be really helpful.

I'm with Jack on the arrogance thing
Oh right, they've just been chatting about technology and trade relations while Skaara has stood there awkwardly. Finally somebody actually reacts to Skaara. Like I get a bit of a shock, don't want to trust it, but season one finale hinged on you knowing Skaara was still in there
This really screams of directing problems, not writing. Though the writing chose not to have Daniel react at all to seeing Skaara, so, you know...

I'm wondering if this shot of SG-1 was done on a different day than the shots that include Skaara due to availability
I know strong doesn't just mean physical strength

But uh, Skaara, sweetie... how is strength gonna help you? Other than the fact that Jack is the main character and we need to split the SG-1 team evenly for the A plot and B plot
Once again, I think this is good and interesting. Maybe somebody in the Tollan society still thinks militarily (somebody had to decide they needed a defense grid) but someone like Nadim, our Average Tollan Joe, is confused because it's not an every day concern for him
Hey remember Heru-ur? Apparently only Katharyn and Terry Curtis Fox does! (This is a ping on me as much as the writers. I always forget about Heru-ur)

Anyways, I really don't think a lot of USian realize their view of military might as necessary is formed by media
We glorify our past wars as good v evil plots. We turn Captain Marvel into an advertisement for the Air Force. Most shows end up with at least one character having a gun that they fire. We are conditioned. So of course Tollans with out that would be conditioned a diff way
This is also a neat cultural world building. Albeit, one not reflected upon nearly as much as I'd like since our humans allow their preconceived bias about Goa'uld to make their decisions for them. The show always treats them as correct, too
THE HAT! I adore Zippy even if it seems as if his name sake is probably of a darker melanin area of the world...

Don't ruin this for me because I like it! (But actually do because calling out racism is more important than my white ass enjoying something)
Ugh, that insufferable pout... I love it so much. And I love her and her unbiased nature. Like the Goa'uld couldn't honestly survive ONLY by slavery and subjugation of all others. they have to know how to play nice

I really do enjoy this episode mostly. Part of the tollan problem was a pre-established issue, not ones created in this episode
"trying to get us to come here" Invited? Is that the word you're looking for here. Invited upon request of Skaara, your friend?

"and then disarmed us" pretty sure you've got all your arms and your right to bear them or bare them as you choose

I'm an ass
However, yes.

Why is this all a god damn surprise?? This is like "Jolinar's Memories." Why wouldn't there be a sit down or a montage note reading time and then the audience can be surprised but the characters not as much?
You could even have Sam and Daniel looking guilty in the background because they knew.

Or, have Teal'c have this reaction, to better make us doubt his paranoia later on in the episode. As it stands, Jack's mood flip flops so much this episode
Daniel, attempting to diplomat (as always, fairly poorly), steps in.

Mostly cause the plot needs to move on because we can't prove Jack correct until the end of the episode! Because of course big strong military Earth man has the correct thinking and no-war science race is wrong
Lya! I love the little pixie darling. I wonder what happened to her

But hey, this is another one of those episodes where Daniel morality v Jack military could have been more of a thing and isn't
Somebody looked at this scene and went "I can crank this up to 11" for Urgo

But that's next episode. Right now Daniel is stepping on Jack's parade and I... don't actually know why??
Jack, I feel like you haven't studied arguments at all.

Tho this does bring into question the absurdity of Triad. "Hello Archons, shall we just assume you'll vote for your tribe because in groups rarely get sway by arguments? Yes, ok, everything is riding on you neutral Archon!"
I dunno, that one Nox seemed not to like you all very much

Also I wanna know what Triads had Archons vote against their Seeker. Bet those Seekers felt super duped. "I paid good money for you to defend me and you betrayed me??" Assuming there's money involved...
Do Tollans even have a form of currency? Are they purely on a barter system? Do Triads only happen with important officials and the common masses have a different system of judgement?
And the answers to all the questions I asked are, like, trades they could be making as allies! It's not all guns, technology, and minerals. Sometimes the best trade between cultures is knowledge of economy, laws and agriculture
Okay the camera angles and movements they manage to do with this one room is so great. The director and cinematographer looked at "Cor-ai" and said "Yes, but let's do more!"

I stand by the excellent cinematography of "Cor-ai."
Zippy definitely has a "word of the day" calendar. I bet Apophis gave it to him for his Implantation Day. Along with a little potted cactus to really liven up his desk. Zippy secretly hates the cactus. He's more of a tropical flower type guy
This is still a problem we're trying to navigate on Earth: how much of our concept of "human rights" is a Western concept and asking other countries to follow (like women's right to own property) is actually impinging on their culture in a disrespectful way
Our view is that taking a human by force to be your puppet is bad and slavery. But the Goa'uld basically made this a religious matter. So it's tricky to say they have no right to the traditions they practice

Of course the show skirts this to make it easier to root pro-Human
Okay but, um, you didn't listen to Klorel before Zippy spoke up

What are the rules of this Triad? Other than "this is what makes for the most interesting story"? But you can do that and still have rules that make sense and are discernible to the audience
Don't worry folks, Lya is already convinced.

Mostly because we didn't allow Klorel to talk about the agony of growing up with all memories of your parents but in a useless larvae that would die in a host and then to reach an age where he must have a host or die
Like, the Goa'uld larvae have genetic memory. They know what life is when they are born but are born in a state where they CAN'T live in a host yet. And then they reach a state where the Jaffa can't sustain them anymore. Why didn't we get that perspective?
Could it be the writers didn't know how to imagine from a Goa'uld's POV so were unable to write that? Or did they think it would be harder to make absolute certainty that humans were in the right here if they did that?
Please enjoy this Stargate the Movie recap for those of you that have forgotten or have never seen it

I'm being an ass again. This is important information and questioning
The Abydonians didn't consent to your Goa'uld laws! Which is something Daniel ought to state outright instead of assuming everybody understand the point being made. Or in another way, Daniel needs to state the Warrant
Nice acting, you nerds.

A warrant is a strange concept in arguments. Sometimes warrants don't need to be stated (You should eat more vegies) because we understand the warrant. But sometimes it makes your argument stronger to state the warrant (vegies are part of a balance dies)
The warrant Daniel was arguing with earlier was due to the fact that Goa'uld religion was used to subjugate Abydonians through fear and manipulation, just because the Goa'uld have laws that ought to be respected doesn't mean they can be used on the Abydonians
Story telling often leaves out warrants because it's often more interesting for an audience to be able to supply that warrant ourselves. It makes us feel involved.

But in argument diff people might supply diff warrants and it can weaken the argument
Zippy, on the other hand, is absolutely stating his warrants here. "You decided animals are lesser than humans. We consider you animals, so we ought to be able to use you like you do your animals."

I simplified it, but he is saying it outright all the same
I don't know why I am being the weirdest damn nerd right now. Blame college. Apparently I absolutely did learn a thing or two from my classes other than how to cry because I had five projects due during the middle of a pandemic
And here we have a common argument tactic as well: disagreeing with the premise of the warrant to poke a hole in the argument. Zippy says just perceiving a race as "animals" makes it okay. Jack argues that sentience also matters. Which, yeah
This also brings us into an argument over the definitions of words like "sentience" and "animals." Which is one of the stasis you might be in an argument. You can't determine "value" and "policy" (higher stasis) unless you're on the same page on a lower stasis (definition)
Why did it have to be pigs? At least he didn't use 'donkey' as the second example for a full "Animal Farm" reference. Or spider for a "Charlotte's Web" reference.

Zippy has agreed with the definition and stepped us up to "value."
In his value argument, if humans are superior from animals only in a tangible way, then of course Goa'uld are superior to humans. Thus the caste system still can work in Goa'uld favor

Man, I almost wish I'd used this for my "improve an argument" paper last semester
I don't remember how this argument ends so I can't recall if Daniel is still working in the value stasis or not.

I am so sorry to everybody that wanted more quippy remarks and fewer "let's do a scholarly break down of these silly scifi arguments."
I think Daniel has somehow managed to step back down to a definition stasis and immediately bring us back to value in two seconds. Kinda impressive.

All in the service of destroying the warrant by which Zippy is placing his argument

I think this show is way older than that game/meme.

Anyways, I am such a nerd and I apologize if I'm boring you. But also you're welcome if you're learning anything and I'm happy to elaborate on anything I've said
And Daniel has brought us up to "policy." We defined sentience and animals, put a value on intelligence that is self earned and determined, and are trying to set the policy that preventing Skaara from self determining is theft and thus illegal

Bring us home, jack!
Jack is actually bringing us back to value and adding in another warrant to the idea of "Skaara's life has been stolen" by pointing out that the Goa'uld also add a side of torture to the ordeal of taking a host
Oh look, somebody remembered that Skaara and Sha're are brother and sister

By the way, your sister is dead. Whoops. Sorry to ruin your day (actually sorry this time)
This is Jack not stating the warrant that what Skaara went through is bad because it's literally psychological torture!

But again, story telling tends to not state warrants (they can get kinda stilted in dialogue if not done right so it's often easier to allude)
I know you gotta toe that party line, Zippy, but that is just bad when Skaara LITERALLY was answering questions and apparently the Jaffa got the memo in season 1 finale that the host is still there

I know they address this in this ep. Also Skaara is heartbreaking
Gotta check in with the kids

Especially since I think this is still the era of Stargate where they didn't have commercial breaks, literally the only way to cut from a scene is to cut to a new place or time
Did they really just pull a "hey I have a question" "I probably have an answer" gag? Like, with a straight face?

Impressive. I love it. Give me more of this. This is the sort of sass I adore. Of course it makes me love Zippy more and he's an ass...

But I'm an ass
Like I said, they address this discrepancy in the episode. And I think it's actually really interesting interaction.
I believe this another definition stasis. And it actually makes sense that you would spend a lot of time in this stasis early in a trial like this. It's hard to argue value and policy if everybody has different ideas of what constitutes freedom and a life
How come Lya doesn't get shot down for speaking out of turn like the human Archons did?

Also why doesn't she get to ask questions or interact more in the Triad?

But most importantly, Lya is a treasure and I love her
Or you might say that Zippy is in Triad under... Pretense

Yeah, I'll see myself out...

Yes, I get more dramatic about Sam than Daniel because Sam usually is relevant to the plot so it stands out more when she's NOT

A lot of episodes it's more wishy washy on the Daniel front
They talk over each other

I don't find this cute.

When does Sam get a good romance arc, damnit?
Sam gets to do something relevant to the plot because she once kissed this guy who thought she was an angel and we have to sorta do the love triangle element with Marty

Thanks, I hate it
This is very practical. I like it.

This also seems like something that would make a good argument in Triad, that blending with a symbiote can impart emotions and opinions not your own in a way almost akin to brainwashing
Then again as we find out in Ark of Truth, the Stargate universe might be just A-okay with brainwashing! So *nervous chuckle* let's move on

To Nadim having flip flop emotions. And I hate him calling her Samantha
Nadim, you saw their people throw a fit you wouldn't share technology and try to ship you off to Area 51 to basically be servants forever, going so far as to storm their own base to prevent you from leaving

What part of that says "diplomatic"??
Zippy isn't a five year old that you ask "Zip, did you eat the chocolate cake?" and when he says "No" you just stare at him long and hard until he breaks

Like of course he's gonna be able to lie very convincingly
This? this makes more sense than "explain trial to me."

Like, yeah, we use the word 'paint' in this context differently than this culture might have developed in their own lexicon.
But at a certain point of Sam explaining this is starts to become a little ridiculous? Like, they have a concept of "locking on" which doesn't require physically putting a lock on the target!

I mean, I'm all for alternatives to military might but in this case, Sam is an expert on something that this puffed up collar isn't! This is the damage of thinking of yourself as "more advanced"
What did Jack say earlier about arrogant?

The writing could have dealt with this better. An assumption that any device meant to "painting targets" would have been seen as a weapon and deactivated, perhaps?

Like wow they did a really good job with structuring the Triad arguments, I don't know why suddenly the Tollans don't know how to argue. You would think a no warring society would live and breathe debate arguments
I mean, why would you think that? You don't vote on Triad! Nobody that votes on Triad is a Tollan! Nobody voting on Triad has a stake in this!

This isn't even very good scientific approach to the problem. Where there is no conclusion until evidence is gathered?
Seriously, the writing just made her obtuse on purpose without actually trying to defend her view. The audience is still going to believe the goa'uld are up to no good! Why make the Tollan position so paper thin??
Was Katharyn a parent or aunt to a teenager when she wrote this? First we had the "I hope I have an answer" from Zippy and now we have "Fine, I'll do the thing, with protest!"

It's like she observed teenager me and wrote this eps humor just for them
This would have been so much better if it was Teal'c arguing that they should have known there would be Goa'uld before being disarmed earlier

It makes some sense that Jack would back off because Skaara is more important but Teal'c's character suffers for this
Teal'c has been along for the ride, following orders, this entire episode.

Now he decides to have a mind of his own. And nobody backs him up (because Sam kinda can't, chain of command, and we're to assume Daniel agrees with Jack here)
Ah that moral question of the one vs the many.

What a juicy topic for Daniel, the moral center of the group, to battle with

Instead it's Teal'c v Jack. Which does make a certain sense (no one gets left behind mentality) but it feels lacking
And they've done a good job of showing us this different mindset throughout the episode. So this at least doesn't come out of nowhere and makes sense

That being said, I don't think it has to be a flaw and there have to still be some people that study the theory of war
But this struggle does allow us to see Teal'c thinking for himself. and thinking strategically
Narim just said Triad was resuming

But Teal'c has time to get to Lya before she goes to Triad and she didn't even appear to be making a move that way

This is a nit pick
Man, imagine Teal'c as Archon

Which would have been a nice turnaround from him being the defendant in Cor-ai. It would have had to be about a different issue that Skaara but man it could have been so cool to see
I didn't include the screenshots, but I love how Teal'c goes "I'm actually violating orders right now" and Lya is all "Well that convinces me to hear you out, please continue."

But who knows, in Nox society disobeying orders could be a good thing?
Just enough information that the audience could surmise what Teal'c has planned but not enough that we won't be surprised later one.

Such a good, juicy scene. I love it. More of this please
At least they do show that they were waiting on Lya

I love Zippy working on his nails while he's bored
Zippy is jumping straight to policy. "Your policy is you don't have the death penalty. Therefore, we can't have this triad because Klorel would die."

But that assumes removing Klorel is a death penalty (definition) and that the death of Klorel would be on Tollan hands (value)
I do want to point out, however, that we know symbiotes can survive outside a host in the correct conditions. They weren't always parasites. They lived in the water. We also find out they can be kept in stasis for a thousand years (a la Osiris)
This is actually really great. Somebody conceding a point because the argument didn't work for him anymore. And in fact, he deciding that conceding the point actually made for a better warrant toward his argument
Absolutely nobody is holding any order in this court! Where was all of that "you will speak when you've been acknowledged" now?
Daniel actually stating a warrant! I'm so proud

Jack instantly ruining it. But I guess the value of "should Goa'uld take hosts at all" isn't what's on trial...d... here
Okay, Daniel for the save (thankfully I already called him Useful)
Closed session

That everybody gets to remain at after this interruption. For story reasons

So they don't do like public Triads for entertainment? What if the subject of Triad affects a group of people?
So the Tollans aren't the only arrogant ones in the room

Honestly, they all are. I diagnose you all with high levels of arrogance! Now go to your rooms and think about what you've done
Look, this is a great scene. But it doesn't come across as well in screenshot form and I've been working on this for way too long

So skipping right along
Jack, honey, you have NO ROOM to talk here. Your vote is also no big surprise

Not your fault. You didn't design Triad this way
Lya summing up all the arguments so beautifully

Why didn't she ask any questions throughout Triad?

Except for that one she asked Jack
I mean, we all knew this was how this was going to play out. Might have been more tension if Lya had made any indication she agreed with any of the Goa'uld arguments before
Zippy, you ain't suspicious at all

How did you get that device in? Is it a weapon the Tollan device didn't work on? Or just an oversight about how none projectile objects can be used as a weapon?
I love Teal'c

The episode spent a lot of time on Triad, so gotta wrap this up fast
Jack, just a conversation ago you were arguing that the Tollan were probably gonna be just fine
Nadim just... leaves

Would have been nice to have, like, a witness or something! But okay
Teal'c look so PROUD OF HIMSELF. Such a sweet bean. I adore his bean face
Welp, the plan is already not going to plan

Also mostly putting these in so we can get Daniel reaction face
While everybody runs to cover, Teal'c runs to the control panel. Which earlier in the episode, he saw techs working on it. Which is actually telling showing not telling on the episode's part
The 'we saved the day and have no witnesses and by 'we' of course we mean Teal'c' awkward hero shot
Jack, I love you

In a purely platonic way. Please be one of my best friends
Tollans? Actually happy about a loop hole?

It's a very short lived moment. Soon after she once again denies the idea of sharing technology
This is one of my favorite scenes of Stargate ever. So much so that I often find myself trying to use the "pretty fine line you didn't cross" line a lot
You know, every single time (even in screenshot form) I don't even notice that Daniel is missing from this scene.

part of it is framing. There is no group shot so he could be just off camera. Part of it is how many scenes he's in where he makes no impact...
And Jack gets a Moment™ with his adopted alien son

By the way Skaara, your sister is dead because there were literally no other options. Like zatting her and taking her to the Tok'ra. Or to Thor's hammer. Or something like what happened with you. NOpe, couldn't do it
Final Stats

Useful: 35 +1 (36)
Useless: 23
Not Even there: 3
World Saved: 1

Death: 4
Hand Device: 7
Touching Objects He Shouldn’t: 4

Communication Miming: 12
Speeches: 3 +1 (4)
Throwing a Fit: 8

Can’t Sit Properly: 20
Can’t dress: 14
Murder Daniel: 9
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