Am I reading this right? Because Congress is useless, CTH is [checks card] threatening to reveal the personal details of US Attorney John Durham’s lead investigator to the public this coming Friday afternoon?
Can anybody confirm first of all that account is tied to CTH?

Because if it is and they intend to go forward with this plan to extort a US Attorney into going public with the results of a federal criminal investigation by CTH’s self-imposed deadline?
I want to say this as clearly as I can: I completely disassociated myself from the Last Refuge 2 and CTH in the strongest terms, and if this is the latest CTH brainchild, trying to personally attack Durham’s team members, they are lunatics.
Nobody knows how anything actually works.

As I wrote in a column 2 years back, Trump and Barr had legitimate reasons to keep the investigators handling SpyGate behind a curtain.

They saw what the Clinton Machine & the DNC Media did to Ken Starr and his team.
One of the **easiest** decisions Sessions made when this all started back in 2017 was NOT to go public with the SpyGate investigations right off the bat. While Horowitz prepared the killshot for the RussiaGate Hoax, Mueller was allowed to chase rabbits.
Even after **JOE BIDEN HIMSELF** turned up in the middle of the Flynn frame, no leaks.

The SpyGate investigations involve some of THE most serious national security violations ever uncovered.

And morons are constantly pleading for updates and leaks.
I'll say this as clearly as I can to CTH: you have no idea the fire you are trying to play with here if you are now publicly threatening to doxx federal officers.

This extortion scheme is literally the dumbest thing I've ever heard.
IF you knew how anything actually worked, and you UNDERSTOOD the national security implications the SpyGate investigations have, with multiple foreign intelligence agencies involved, I wouldn't even need to explain this to you.
If you publicly threaten a federal officer in an attempt to influence his/her conduct as part of a federal investigation, you are committing what's known as a FELONY CRIME.

It's right here:
Durham is already finishing up at this point with 84 days to go to the election. Brennan is being giving a last-chance-take-it-or-leave-it interview offer.

So of course this is the PERFECT time for people on our side to start lunatic gambits like this to try to force Durham.
As misguided as CTH and Sundance/Last Refuge 2 are on some things, **I DON'T WANT TO SEE ANYBODY GO TO JAIL over some stupid stunt trying to force Durham's hand when we're literally at the last stage of this.
I've had serious disagreements with the "Nothing's happening and nothing's gonna happen" crowd that has has now morphed into "OK some things are happening but they're not gonna happen IN TIME unless we start committing felonies!" crowd for 3 years now.
I have faith in Trump and these people don't, that's always been the key difference between me and CTH.

I can wait to be right. I'm completely calm and having the time of my life.

They are freaking out and panicking, as usual.

It can't be helped.

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