Is Shashi marrying Indrani Mukerjea? This is a rumours in the Lutyens elite club. Sources say love blossomed when Shashi used to go to Tihar to meet Chiddu to know the secret codes of the Ant 🐜 & clown’s lockers & there he met her. Indrani got totally wet because it was raining
As Indrani saw Shashi, she started singing & dancing
“Allahrakha! Allahrakha!
Dono jawaani ki masti mein choor
Tera kasoor na mera kasoor
Na tune signal dekha
Na maine signal dekha
Accident ho gaya rabba rabba
Accident ho gaya rabba rabba”
An elated Shashi promptly responded back
“May Allah protect! May Allah protect! We both were lost in the love of youth
It wasn't your fault, neither was it mine
You didn't see the signal
I didn't see the signal
Oh my god, we had an accident”
While all this was happening, Sooraj Singh Shekhawat drinking Old Monk rum was continuously piercing Chiddu’s back & bum with lashes and oil soaked 5 inch thick bamboo stick
“Sir, hum ko jail se Rhea kar do, release me”, Indrani firmly requested Sooraj Singh Shekhawat who was busy playing PUBG on his mobile. He smiled & said “Kyon Rhea kar dein, Rhea khud yahan aane waali hai”, “Sooraj, I’m pregnant”, Indrani said with a poisonous smile on her face
Hearing Indrani was pregnant Sooraj Singh Shekhawat got so shocked that he stopped playing PUBG & asked “Jail mein rahte tu pregnant kaise ho gayi?”. Cunning Indrani laughed picked & light cigarette from Sooraj’s table & said making smoke rings “Never underestimate a Bong woman”
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