Well it looks like this will be as interesting as it gets...

Think we just solved a Biblical Prophecy and a whole lot more...

It will answer why there were pics of palm trees in 2 Q posts and how this whole shitshow ties together...

We even have Trump placed in this as well...
Oh and one more thing... figured out the symbology of the whole 9/11 deal....and how it ties into the Q drops as well as being the event that spiked the Global Consciousness Project big time.

How many towers fell?

Think symbolism.

Towers 1&2 symbolized the mother and father.

Tower 7 symbolized the child. (Much smaller than the towers)

What did they essentially do there by building what they did as a replacement?

They destroyed the “Nuclear Family via mini Nukes”
And in its place? They built one tower.... symbolizing androgyny...transhumanism.

And did it blocks away from where the Officer of the Christ was at the time.

Might as well start droppin.
2nd and 4th pic go together.
10 days of darkness were the 10 randomly picked days in 2001 for this to happen.
Peaks at 6. What’s a dangerous time again???
August odds. 1000:1.
Post 1000 has simply an H in it. That’s an 8. Whats the 8th month again?
Remember one thing. The ONLY thing that Q writes is after the date in the drops and finishes with Q

They don’t write the titles to these posts.

A Higher Loyalty? Comey’s book. What did he stop? The [Y]
The release of the pneumonic plague. That was the second wave.
Note in the drops above... mentions group think collective. Free thought

Hell take the quotes and see how they pertain to us now?

Picture of Comey in the empty field. Showed that he took care of the [crop] which was the plague.
Just like Mueller and Hot Rod.. Comey is ours
Couldn’t charge her because she was a sovereign.... every charge would have been dropped if that happened. So they took the “Catch and Release” method instead. Nab the real. Drop the clone.
Paradigm Shift? Here we go
Ahem.... who again had the 6 million lives lost in WW2?
Why did Israel go to Argentina in 1961 and pick up Himmler?
Oh you Zionist pricks are gonna be shittin dreidels by time we are done with you.
Just gonna add that street there for ya.

Oh and for the live up to the second global consciousness map....

Here ya go.
Definitely save this one. Tons of info.
Now back to the whole 9/11
Deal with it being favored between those times.

How did it pick up that much action for that time slot?

You heard of “Pay to Play” correct?

Play what exactly....

Would it really shock you knowing that they have a patent for it as well??
What number are we on now? 4105 on the list.

Care to guess where this patent falls on the list?
How about #8

They were using the Federal Bridge Certification Authority Network (created under Clinton in 90’s and paid for by Skull and Bones) to wager on event outcomes
These pricks bet on how many firemen would die (343) How many jumpers there were... all of it. All on Patent CA2460367A. Howard Lutnick’s “Real time wagering on event outcomes”. They used Junket rooms for the betting. Who was a HUGE player in this?
Stephen Paddock. His Demon Face Recognition Software was used for the blackmail.
They staged the first ever live broadcast of a mass human snuff film in Human history on 9/11.

So you REALLY wanna know what’s on those servers????

Every wager ever made.
Even HVT’s. High Value Targets.

Case in point. Pat Tillman.

100% bet on and execution under “friendly fire” was recorded for the timestamp.

Yeah. This gets even more fucked than people think.

We literally have it all.
What’s that? Need every employee’s name, e mail and phone number from NASA?

Got u fam.

Just gotta dig.

They got popped for Chemtrails of course on drones.

All done under the rules.

And still from Friday morning. 😉
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What Gold is up to now...

That’s what all the chatter was in the drops about four Carriers in the Pacific was all about. It’s literally the only way to bring it back. Helicopters land it on the deck and forklifts take it below deck.

And what was one of the carriers name?
The decommissioned CV76 John F Kennedy Carrier.

Sometimes a troll requires a cherry on top.

JFK still helped with the Gold Standard... probably was on the ship as well. Everyone’s going crazy for Jr..... no love for Senior?
Oh and since it was a while ago (June) when these were posted... for more 9/11 mayhem....

How about handwritten notes by Lynne Vincent Cheney herself from the White House Bunker?
The Internet and all of your energies in the collective is literally letting us manifest any damn thing we need.
Oh and here’s the lies that are answered about how many planes left the US and was in the air during 9/11
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