Since alot of Armys are going to watch l-Land.
PLEASE don't h*te on any of the trainees and Don't believe everything on the show because mnet tend to e.vil edit to make trainees look b4d.
++Proofs: thread
mnet e.vil edited hees3ung during ep.3
mnet has r.uined many trainees/idols image bcs of their e.vil editing. they try to make it look like there's a drama going on, when there isn't behind cameras.
mnet e.vil edited EJ in ep.2
n!ki got the most h*te, fyi, he is 14 yr old. mnet made it look like there's a drama between him and heesung, but these two are close behind cameras. he also told taki why he voted out him, which taki understood. Fyi: niki is younger than taki
mnet has m*streated the foreign trainees, such as mistranslating their convos and giving them less screentime.
Please censor negative words (ex: h4te, b4d, 4ntis) when mentioning the trainees. Thank you
And s3on was e.vil edited too
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