Carrie Symonds was born in 1988 and Boris Johnson was born in 1964 and every so often I remember that fact and just sort of shudder
This evening it was because I saw a Mail story that said “Carrie Symonds (32)” and I remembered that the Prime Minister’s girlfriend is younger than I am
lol at the men saying it’s unreasonable to criticise people’s personal lives as if the personal weren’t political (& as if this weren’t the mildest possible criticism of — to quote Fintan O’Toole — “a man-child whose public life has been no more continent than his private life”)
I mean I said it makes me “just sort of shudder”, people are allowed to... be skeeved out by, or to pull faces about, or even to disapprove of choices that other people make, I’m not saying he should be locked up
I work in academia, there are plenty of men who think the main benefit is that they get older but the students stay the same age, I’m well aware of the “is Professor X bringing his daughter to see the campus oh no that’s his third wife” dynamic, don’t worry
People keep trying to gotcha me with Macron and his wife and I just think if you’re trying to win an argument maybe don’t cite a famous case where a teacher divorced her husband to marry a pupil at her school who was a classmate of her daughter! That’s MUCH worse!
Someone has just given me a “gentle reminder” that Bill Clinton had some issues around inappropriate sexual relationships and dear god this website
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