Anyways white Irish people today justifying Irish participation in slavery and the colonization of North America and the Caribbean bc “They were immigrants!” is exactly why people say we have to understand “Immigrant” isn’t a monolithic subject position or experience
Some immigrants, like Haitians, are actually Black refugees who are the descendants of slaves fleeing oppression, displacement and statelessness. Some immigrants came and experienced xenophobia but assimilated to whiteness esp thru anti-Blackness (Irish, Polish and Italians)
“Immigrant” means little in and of itself when you factor in that you must consider all other aspects of identity and historical and cultural contexts. It’s too many very privileged “immigrants” trying to confuse their position in shitty ways with that term
Again, weaponizing “Immigrant” and British colonization to diminish Irish participation in settling and slave states as their process into whiteness is gross and the epitome of white colonial nonsense
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