jyp sexualizing minors under his company, a thread because y’all seem to forget how trashy he actually is sometimes:
gonna start with hyuna which is one of the most popular and disturbing ones. hyuna was 13 when she was chosen for wonder girls in 2006. at their debut showcase, where she was THIRTEEN, she had a solo dance performance which is extremely disturbing to watch considering her age
in 2007, wonder girls released irony and the outift hyuna wore at the age of 14 for their performances is,,, also we have sohee who was hyunas age and also wore questionable short outfits. jyp has a thing with especially oversexualizing the younger members
miss a debuted in 2010 with suzy who was 15 at the time and they debut with bad girl good girl and this whole situation is self explanatory if you look at the video
the lyrics and the teaser photos of suzy yeah its fucking creepy considering she was only 15
theres a lot of things wrong with miss a in debut days when it comes to sexualization bc they had this ‘badass, sexy concept’ while suzy was still a minor so i dont want to get too into that u can just go watch miss a debut days stages and everything and you will see
somi was 14 when she was participant in sixteen and the things they made her wear/do in there,,, first we have this photoshoot whole mermaid photoshoot???? then the fits she wore through the show when you know she is 14 and jyp has a history of sexualizing minors
i dont know why the tweets started mashing up but jyp debuted wonder girls with pussycats dolls dont cha which everyone knows the song and 3 members were 14 at the time. the debut song irony literally opens with cat calling whistles. so hot was released when two members were 16
i wanted to leave this fact for maybe later because just reading it is so disturbing but around the time wonder girls released so hot, jyp befriend R KELLY, he brought wonder girls to his home to ‘show off’ 16 year old min. idk what i can say at this point
back to sixteen. the show had way too many cases of jyp being a creep (i will talk about tzuyu later). but one of the worst things that happened on that show was a 14 year old somi and a 13 year old nati performing jyp’s misogynistic ass song in tight shorts
also see how mina is the oldest one and she is the only one that has shorts long enough that you cant see her safety shorts while thats not the case with natty and somi
literally everyone knows about the tzuyu situation and how jyp treated her when she was a minor so i will try to keep it short. the cf she did for lg when she was 16 really says a lot
when it comes to itzy there were mutiple times stylists gave yuna the shortest/mist revealing outfits out of all the members despite her being the youngest and a minor. theres this one wannabe outfit that really stood out to me but i cant find it and am too lazy to look more tbh
jyp’s video for who’s that mama literally has 13/14 year olds dancing in the background while the choreo is way too fucking sexual. not to even talk about how disgusting the song is itself
can’t find where’s this from but i vividly remember him saying something about innocence being sexy? which is so fucking creepy?
this might not go with the whole ‘sexualizing minors’ thing but its fucking creepy to me https://twitter.com/pledisbroke/status/1292471480828264448?s=21
theres so much more stuff when it comes to outfits especially sixteen but i just wanted to give yall a brief reminder of how creepy this guy is and all the ‘omg jyp oppa hot’ jokes yall make aint funny idk how many threads reminding u of how creepy he is we have to make
also wanted to add this! he does this in a lot of sixteen and nizi project clips, you can easily look it up. he smirked so many times during the ‘sexy dances’ the girls did in sixteen i had to pause every time to keep myself from throwing up
when knetz are disturbed and voicing out how wrong something is you know it’s way too fucked up then
got sent into the dms so i will add it in bc i absolutely forgot she was under jyp when this happened
more things on this. + someone pointed out how jyp always puts the minors of the groups as visuals which is so fucking messed up
17 year old yugyeom dancing to 24 hours with sunmi during the jyp nation concert
will put the video bellow, all credits to the op because i didnt even know about this shit
sixteen had so many messed up performances idk who monitored that shit and the way jyp is FLUENT in english and he let them perform this song,,, yeah no excuses
jyp trainees practiced to the same song when they were 14-15. theres a video and i will just link it because i didn’t feel like even saving that shit on my phone it made me way too uncomfortable. the girl wearing the tank top said she was uncomfortable
also yugyeom and bambam were way too young when they debuted in got7 both of them were 16. some of the moves in girls girls girls are questionable to say the least and it always made me kinda uncomfortable because both bambam and yugyeom looked like babies
jyp you ugly disgusting hag you will not be seeing heaven i promise you that
my dms are currently closed due to people sending me disgusting shit i dont really feel like seeing so add into the thread instead of trying to send me a dm
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