How To Have A Professional Looking Dropshipping Ecom Store

I've seen a ton of Ecom stores that look terrible

You're wasting money by having an unattractive store

Customers will run away the moment they visit your website

This is what you need to do

Have A Proper Domain Name

Around 70% of the stores have long URLS or are part of a sub domain of a particular platform

This scares customers away

Have a short brand name and make sure your domain is a .com extension

It looks more professional and it's more trustworthy

Have A Good Clean Theme

A lot of stores online have pop ups everywhere, crammed text & lots of images

This slows your site down & makes it look unattractive

Have a simple clean theme

There's plenty of them available for FREE so there's no excuse not to have one

Have Matching Colors

Another issue i see are stores with tons of different colors all over the place

Stick to 3 colors max

Remember we want to keep your store simple and clean

For inspiration, look a bigger brands such as Amazon, Ebay and Etsy

Have Good Product Description

Around 80% of stores have no product descriptions

Your description is your chance to sell the product to your customer

Learn copy writing and maximize the description

Tell the customer the benefits of the product and why they need to own it

Have High Quality Images

Use images that are clean and professional

I've seen too many stores with blurry images

This will turn off customers and make them think your store is a scam

We want a professional looking site to out compete our competition


When you combine all of these things together, your store will look incredible and attract the customer's attention. Your odds of making a sale will increase dramatically

Thanks for reading. Have a great day and follow me for more tips

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