Quite the fire going just down the street from the Portland Police Association. Overheard someone say, “Here we are 2020... here we are. End of the world.” Great start to the night. #PortlandProtests
Protestors have taken off the boarding on the PPA, Portland Police now declaring an unlawful assembly and telling people to leave immediately. #PortlandProtests
Fire inside the PPA, area has been declared a riot #PortlandProtests
Moments after a person was shoved to the ground by PPB. As me and other press were trying to get away they shoved us too. #PortlandProtest #PDXprotests
Another riot declared, PPB had to move barriers put up by protestors. Now headed west on Kilpatrick. #PortlandProtests
PPB and state troopers pushed protestors from the PPA to Kenton Park. Before taking off from the park they fired several flash bangs and tear gas canisters into the crowd without provocation. #PortlandProtest #PDXprotest
Resident in the Kenton neighborhood shouts at PPB, “if the police would leave they would too” #PortlandProtest #pdxprotest
Corner of Interstate Ave, protestors asking PPB, “what do you want us to do?” PPB responds by telling them to “go home.” Another protestors shouts at PPB that this is, in fact, her neighborhood. #PortlandProtests #PDXprotests
PPB securing the front of the Portland Police Association building after demonstrators lit a small fire inside earlier. #PortlandProtest #pdxprotest
Male PPB officers detaining a female protestor and patting her down w/ no female officers present. I asked if they had a female officer to do patdown, one responded by “nope” the other said, “how do you know I don’t identify as a female?” Other officers laugh. #PortlandProtests
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