Little birdies tell me barring a miracle college football is not happening and financial apocalypse is coming. I’m told virus is the excuse, but it’s really university presidents afraid of players organizing.
The presidents fear putting the players out there with the increased liability entices them to organize, which the presidents don’t want because it goes against their “amateur model” canard.
The protest letter the Pac-12 players issued was the dagger. Momentum was favorable until then. But then other conference players followed suit. School presidents don’t want the players to unionize, and prefer risking financial apocalypse to risking their “amateur model.”
This will not be about protocols or health, despite what you read or hear. Those are the excuses, but they had the players on campuses already for the past two months preparingwith the virus flaring up in places.
This is about stubborn preservation of an antiquated model vs some players making ridiculous demands throwing around leverage they really didn’t have. And now they have no season, and who knows how many other educational opportunities will now be lost by athletes in other sports.
On one hand you have school presidents who ridicously want to be non-profits with antitrust exemptions, and then those pushing the agenda the players are oppressed and manipulated serfs on the other.
Those two forces collided head on thanks to coronavirus, and the result is mutual assured destruction for both sides, and another reason to hate 2020 for the rest of us.

I. Am. Crushed.
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