I gained over 12,000 followers in my first month using Twitter by following 6 simple principles.

You can easily do it too.

Time for a thread 👇👇👇
1) Pick a clear topic, stay disciplined on that topic, and fire up the content engine.

My followers know they can expect tweets about the business and money behind sports, nothing else.

I also know threads get me the most engagement, so I doubled down and sent one each night.
2) Engineer Virality

Part of going viral is luck, but you can certainly increase your chances.

Before I tweet a thread that I think can go viral, I ask all the big accounts I know for a RT.

More will do it than you think & the combination of multiple RT's consecutively is a 🚀
3) Be prepared for your viral moment.

Each of my threads contain a link to my newsletter and profile visitors are greeted with it in my bio.

Take the tweet below, I got over 11,000 likes which resulted in thousands of newsletter subscribers. https://twitter.com/JoePompliano/status/1286815973299957762
4) Make your value proposition super clear within your bio.

My bio reads "I write a daily email breaking down the business and money behind sports. Subscribe here: http://readhuddleup.com "

People visiting my profile know exactly what to expect from me - Make sure yours do too.
5) Pin your most engaged tweet.

This will automatically give readers a feeling of legitimacy when they visit your profile.

My visitors are instantly greeted with a clear description of the value I provide, my newsletter link, and a viral tweet for validity.
6) Ensure the quality of the content you share is something to be proud of.

A good tweet can inform, entertain, and surprise all at once.

My goal is to teach my audience something about the topic of sports with every word I use. Give more than you take.
7) Building up engagement is a hard and time consuming task, but these 6 principals will lead you in the right direction.

Ultimately, it's about executing your strategy correctly and, more importantly, consistently.
Lastly, I'd be a fool not to follow my own advice :)

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