We are going to be running a series of anon questions that revolve around applying for grad school!
If you are applying & have questions, or struggled with something when you were applying, DM us & we will add it to the thread!
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Q1 - How do you start to look for programs in a field? How do you even start to assess them for differences?

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Anon Answer to Question 1
Start by contacting the graduate admissions office or officer (website should be able to tell you). They will be able to tell you whether you can apply & then find a supervisor or if you need a supervisor to agree to work with you before you can apply.
Anon 2 Answer to Q1
The best way to evaluate different programs is to talk to current/past students. They know all the tea. Many places can promise the moon but don't follow-through. When they say you can go to (some) conferences even if you're not presenting do they mean it?
We have so many questions to post today!

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Q2 - I am overwhelmed by all the grad positions advertised. How do you choose what schools to apply to since it is so expensive?
Q3 - How hard is it to get accepted as an international school or find finance?
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