for my verrerzen time💜💚

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this is for the purpose of organizing tho. i usually have a mood to look at the interactions (??) between groups i stan, so it would make it easier to search if i'm in my verrerzen mood

(btw it's almost all dongheon since dongheon is ex-SM trainee XD)
I probably should have titled it "Dongheon x NCT interaction"
Dongheon jamming to NCT 127 - Elevator (127F)
Dongheon hugged Jeno and hi fived Jaemin
© on the video♥️
Dongheon exiting The Show stage with Jeno (during From Now promotion, I believe)
Verivery covering NCT 127 - Kick It on Idol Radio!!
Hoyoung, Yongseung, Dongheon, and Gyehyeon covered NCT 127 - Kick It
Dongheon once shared a hotdog with Inseong (SF9) and Jaehyun (NCT)
Verivery's interview on Inkigayo with Jaehyun (NCT)
They said something along this line
"Jaehyun (NCT) and Dongheon seems to be close. They're talking to each other and Jaehyun smiles brightly.. It's so cute."
Dongheon (black sweater) with Taeyong, Jaehyun, and Johnny (NCT) when he was an SM trainee
Dongheon in SM Rookies picture!!
(btw Jeno and Mark is so baby here uwu)
Dongheon mentioned he was a trainee alongside Doyoung (NCT) and that they're friends! (at least that's why I heard)
not really an interaction but it's cute hehe so I want to put it here
Dongheon's fansite posted Doyoung's (NCT) picture for April Fools https://twitter.com/dearestblue0804/status/1245002949811523585?s=19
This infamous predebut Dongheon pictures with Lay EXO and Taeyong NCT!!
since the video is gone, here is the link to sbs official channel on yt so it won't get copyrighted

Verivery's Interview on Inkigayo with Jaehyun (NCT)
(the interview with verivery started on 01:17)
Verivery and NCT 127 is in the same team (red team) on ISAC Chuseok Special last year. Here's a picture of them in the same frame!!
Another interaction between Jeno (NCT) and Dongheon at The Show (please watch until the end)
Yeonho recommending d.ear feat. Jaehyun - Try Again
Dongheon recommended songs by NCT!
→ NCT 127 - Make Your Day
→ Rocoberry feat. Doyoung - DON'T SAY GOODBYE
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