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having thoughts about professor chu wanning x teaching assistant mo ran so i must share

pls consider with me: the concept of chu wanning having a small repertoire of (mostly) tasteful lingerie modelling photos that were taken while he was in college
he did so out of the kindness of his heart, when someone close to him (can’t be bothered to decide who) asked him to be the subject of some photo shoots. despite his insistence that he wouldn’t be a good model, he agrees because he’s tantalized by the thrill of it, wants to know-
what it would like to feel pretty for once

fast forward years down the line and chu wanning is a professor, pining desperately for his teaching assistant - constantly trying to function in the presence of dimples and tanned, bronzed muscles
mo ran hasn’t quite caught up to his feelings yet; all he knows is that he likes being around the professor, admires him, thinks about him all the time, fantasizes about him— but ANYWHO. he’s not quite there yet, and his happy to enjoy his professor’s company
they spend evenings in chu wanning’s home study, discussing his research and mo ran listens and hangs onto every word that chu wanning says (well okay, not really, sometimes he gets a little dazed and zones out thinking about holding chu wanning’s hand, but shh)
one night, mo ran forgets something important in chu wanning’s study and calls him late in the evening to ask if he can come pick it up. chu wanning answers the phone in a low, gravelly voice—clearly he’d already been asleep. mo ran can’t help but grin at the sleepiness in-
chu wanning’s voice, thinking that the professor is adorable when he’s softened and sleepy like this. the professor is often cool and standoffish, but mo ran has noticed moments like this—slivers of gentle, warm light slipping through the cracks of a carefully constructed mask
chu wanning hums into the phone when mo ran tells him the situation; is a low, pleasant purr in mo ran’s ear, making his chest tighten for some reason that he can’t quite explain. chu wanning tells him “come in and get what you need. i’ll unlock the door, lock it again when you-
leave”. mo ran’s heart warms at the fact that chu wanning trusts him enough to let him come in while he’s sleeping. warmth spreads through his body as he is filled with the desire to cherish that trust, tuck it away safely next to his throbbing heart
there’s the rustling over the phone of chu wanning unlocking the door before he hangs up rather abruptly, clearly rather ready to get back to sleep. smiling, mo ran puts down his phone and hurries to drive over to chu wanning’s home
(i promise it’s getting to the porn soon fksndfn also i know this isn’t a realistic situation but we’re rolling with it anyways for the sake of horny)
mo ran gets there to find the door unlocked, slips inside quietly and goes to chu wanning’s study. as always, an untidy mess meets him as he enters. shaking his head lightly with a bemused smile, he picks his way across the floor until he finds what he’s looking for
on his way out he accidentally knocks into a table and sends a few folders flying to the floor. with a good natured sigh, he leans down to pick up the stack of glossy photographs that have tumbled across the floor.

and... freezes in his tracks.
nothing could have prepared him for what he’s seeing.

his eyes zero in on the photo at the top of the stack, heart pounding in his chest as he takes in the sight before him.

his professor stands in the midst of a simple set; white backdrop with bunches of flowers strewn about
around his feet, scattered amid the plush silk pillows that add splashes of colour to the set.

adam’s apple bobbing in his throat as he swallows thickly, he gazes down at the divine sight before his eyes
chu wanning, wearing an outfit of silk and lace, white fabric and strings of pearls crisscrossing over the expanse of his pale skin, hugging every curve of his body. his body is purposefully posed daintily, facing the camera dead on as he stands coquettishly with his hands-
perched on his chest, covering up what mo ran imagines are surely the prettiest pink nipples imaginable. a pair of thigh high stockings cover the expanse of those long, sculpted legs.

to top it off, a pair of white fluffy ears are perched atop of his head, a stark contrast
against the inky black of his long hair that falls around his shoulders, framing his face. mo ran has never seen chu wanning with his hair down like this, he realizes, lamenting

and well, there’s no other way to describe it; chu wanning is making bedroom eyes at the camera.
the cool indifference that chu wanning normally wears has melted away, the sharp edges of his features softened. mo ran notices a light flush dusted across chu wanning’s cheeks, which sends heat rushing to his own face as chu wanning simpers at him through the camera lens
hands shaking and clammy, mo ran unconsciously finds himself flipping to the next photo... and nearly drops them all.

in this next photo chu wanning is sitting on his knees, his body angled away from the camera, light falling around him like a heavenly aura.
nsfw pose reference in case it didn’t come off: https://bit[.]ly/3a5mWaM
mo ran sees that the stockings match the cat ears, with little pink toe beans adorning the bottoms of the feet. for some reason this makes him chuckle a little — /cute/

outfit refs:
chu wanning is looking over his shoulder in this photo, hair falling down his back as he gazes back at the camera, that faint blush still ever present on his cheeks.
as mo ran’s eyes travel down his body, and he realizes...

perched between two round, firm cheeks, is the fluffiest white tail

the /moment/ mo ran realizes that the tail is, in fact, a butt plug, he curses under his breath and his hand flies to the bulge growing in his pants.
he groans at the contact, not having realized until this moment that his cock has been interested since he picked up the first photo.

mo ran admires chu wanning. respects him. he feels guilt pressing at the back of his throat as he rubs a hand over his clothed hardness, unable-
to stop himself. there’s a chair nearby and he falls into it with a huff, leaning back with his legs sprawled in front of him, as if he has lost all control of his limbs.

palming himself through his pants, he lets his imagination run wild
he can’t stop staring at the swell of chu wanning’s cheeks, knowing that his hole is stretched obscenely around the base of the plug. images flit through his mind; chu wanning working a finger into his hole, loosening himself. was he silent as he pushed the bulbous object inside?
or did he moan as it stretched him open? did he do it on his own or did he have help?

a wave of... /something/ passes through mo ran at that thought, welling up inside of him. he can’t put his finger on the emotion but he decides he doesn’t like it
instead, he imagines himself there with chu wanning, imagines himself pressing a hand to chu wanning’s hip, holding him still as he pressed the plug in himself, watching him open up beautifully for him. he imagines leaning over and murmuring in his ear “good kitty”, the praise-
sweet on his own tongue. would chu wanning tremble beneath him?

mo ran has never thought of chu wanning in this way before but he’s starting to think that he’s never going to stop thinking about it from this point forward
he’s overcome with the need to drag sweet, heady sounds from chu wanning’s lips, wants to kiss them until they’re slick and reddened from his own mouth.
carnal desire has taken ahold of him, heat enveloping his body as he grips the photo in his hand so hard that he’s creasing it. he can’t find it in himself to care, his mind is elsewhere.

somewhere along the way, his cock has made its way out of his pants and into his hand.
he’s stroking himself roughly, twisting his hand in his the right way to send jolts of pleasure sparking through his body.

his mind become more and more depraved, to his own shame. how can he disrespect his professor like this?

he ought to stop.


(he doesn’t stop)
instead, he imagines flipping chu wanning over, pushing him down and ravishing his mouth with his own, kissing his way down the pale column of his neck, over the crest of his collar bone, down his chest... he wants to take his nipples into his mouth, rub them fiercely until-
chu wanning is squirming beneath him, letting out broken moans and meals, clinging to mo ran’s shoulders with those long, elegant fingers.

he wants to pinch them until they’ve reddened from his touch, wants to leave marks from his teeth around those sensitive buds
is chu wanning sensitive? he wonders this, groaning at the thought of chu wanning panting with want, body twitching with need as mo ran takes him apart.

that lingerie, as pretty as it is, wouldn’t last long under the ministrations of mo ran’s hands; mo ran imagines that
it would take all of his strength not to tear it off of chu wanning, baring him to mo ran’s hungry gaze.

mo ran is pumping his cock in earnest, biting down on his bottom lip to keep the sounds he’s making inside.
mo ran’s mind’s eye sees him easing pressing chu wanning’s legs up, spreading them.

he imagines that flush deepening on his cheeks, his face turning away from mo ran, eyelashes lowered. would chu wanning be shy?

what sounds would he make when mo ran reaches between his thighs-
and eases the plug out of his hole?

mo ran wants to be gentle with him, but he wants to ruin him. he wants to kiss him fiercely, stroke his hair, murmur sweet words in his ear.

he wants to pin him down and press his hard, leaking cock against chu wanning’s entrance, wants to-
watch himself pushing inside, that tight entrance stretching open around him as he thrusts inside
he wants to pin his hands over his head and rut into him , pushing deep, deep inside until he’s buried to the hilt. he wants to feel chu wanning trembling with need in his arms as he fucks him, rails him, takes him apart with his cock and his hands and his mouth
chu wanning’s name is on his lips as he tips his head back with a groan, eyes falling shut. his head hits the back of the chair with a thump but he pays that no mind; his cock is hard and slick in his hand, his hips twitching up into the circle of his fist.
he wants /more/. he wants... he wants...

he wants chu wanning.
he imagines chu wanning breathless and panting beneath him, lips parted to let out his moans, his pleas for more, mo ran’s name.

mo ran jolts at the thought of chu wanning’s breath in his ear, saying his name; mo ran, mo ran, please mo ran—

“mo ran?”

mo ran comes.
leaving it here for now but will return 😘
mo ran doesn’t get a chance to come down from his orgasm gently. instead, the next few moments are utter chaos.

he comes so hard he sees white, his body tensing up and his hips lifting off the chair as he releases himself.

right onto the photo he’s holding in his hands.
with the aftershocks of his orgasm still rippling through his body, mo ran unthinkingly leaps to his feet and whips around, turning towards that unmistakable voice

between the absurdity of the situation and the panic rising like bile in his throat, mo ran isn’t prepared for-
another shock.

chu wanning stands in the entrance of his study, one hand raised to rest on the doorway, as if to lend him some support in staying upright. his hair is unbound and falls gently to frame his features; his cheeks flushed and his pheonix eyes wide and hazy with-
surprise. he’s wearing a white silk robe, tied tightly around his waist and drawn demurely over his chest.

the sharpness of his features have softened under the cover of night, cool disposition dissipating in the face of shock

chu wanning is a vision, an ethereal beauty.
mo ran’s heart flutters. this is a man who could topple kingdoms with his beauty if he so desired. mo ran is filled with the urge to fall to his knees, to prostrate, to prove himself worthy of... well. he isn’t quite sure /what/, but it feels important.
instead, he is standing in front of chu wanning with his softening cock hanging out of his pants, holding a lewd picture of his professor in one hand, the other hand messy with his own spend.

mo ran, quite frankly doesn’t know what to do.
stricken, mo ran looks at chu wanning with the expression of a dog who’s been caught stealing treats. remorseful, he stares helplessly at chu wanning’s face. he swallows thickly.

in retrospect, he probably should have considered more carefully what he says, because what comes-
out of his mouth next is

‘professor i... i’m sorry... i ruined your photos...’

he fights the urge to smack himself on the forehead for such a silly response. it isn’t easy to make mo ran feel embarrassed but this is an extreme situation and he’s just dug his hole deeper. he’s-
getting there.

a moment of silence stretches between them, chu wanning’s features still slack with shock. weakly, he says, “it’s fine. i have others.”

mo ran has never seen a human turn red so quickly in his life.
chu wanning’s hand flies to his mouth as the words slip from his lips, a small gasp escaping him, as if he’s finally realized what’s going on, his mind finally processing the situation... finally realizing what he’d just admitted and acknowledged out loud to mo ran
mo ran backs up a step as anger washes over his features like a tidal wave, his gaze turning sharp as he trembles with rage. “you... what are you doing!?”

mo ran quickly sets the photos aside quickly and raises his hands in the air, signalling innocence that he couldn’t claim
“professor... i’m sorry, i can explain—“

chu wanning roars at him as his hand falls away from his face, trembling with rage. his anger makes him blunt, blurting it out so vehemently its a wonder the house doesn’t shake with the force of it
mo ran curses under his breath and scrambles as he reaches for his fly - he really just stood there covered in his own come with his dick hanging out of his pants! as he fumbles to cover himself, mo ran comes to the conclusion that he is an absolute fool
chu wanning sputters furiously. “you... you!”

“professor, i’m sorry—i...” mo ran feels filthy, anger with himself matching the same rage that creases chu wanning’s brow.

mo ran hangs his head. “i’ve disrespected you,” he says quietly, shame rushing through him
mo ran collects his thoughts as he withers under chu wanning’s glare. what can he possibly say that could make this better?

well, all he really /can/ say is the truth. there isn’t any getting out of this one
“i found your pictures by accident,” he blurts out, lifting his clean hand to rub at the back of his neck sheepishly. “they fell on the floor as i was leaving and i just... you looked-“ mo ran cuts himself off before he says something else inappropriate

chu wanning’s eyes flash
at him. “are you mocking me?” he snaps, lips pressing into a thin line. his hands clench at his sides, trembling.

mo ran’s eyes widen. “mocking?” what on earth is chu wanning talking about?
mo ran feels guilt at his actions, it roils in his chest like a sickness, replacing the desire that had lived in his heart just mere minutes ago. he’s done something depraved, disrespected and defiled someone he admires, someone who deserves to be /cherished/

but mocking? never
chu wanning’s voice shakes as he speaks next. “this is my home and you have no RIGHT, no matter what you think of me—“ chu wanning cuts himself off abruptly, shaking his head. “did you find what you were looking for, then?” he says, his voice chilly, but the coolness is still-
undercut with something more fragile, something that makes mo ran’s heart clamp up with sadness. what could chu wanning possibly be thinking?

“you found them, congratulations. now /leave/“
mo ran feels stupider than he’s ever felt, because he’s so lost. “professor, i wasn’t looking for them, i didn’t know they existed!” he says helplessly, trying to temper the whirlwind of fury that surrounds him.

chu wanning shakes his head. “i’ve heard the rumours, mo ran. and-
you aren’t the first one to look.” chu wanning turns his face to the side, breaking eye contact as if it’s too much to bear looking at mo ran right now. “i know what you all think of me. i just didn’t think you would-“
chu wanning chokes on his words, the end of sentence lost. mo ran is starting to understand, piece by piece, what chu wanning is trying to say. context and details may be fuzzy, but he has a strong enough picture of what chu wanning thinks he’s doing here
there’s a layer of hurt just beneath the anger, shown in the shining dampness in his eyes, in the faint pleas hidden beneath his words.

mo ran doesn’t know that chu wanning almost felt beautiful that day, a memory he cherished for years afterwards. he doesn’t know that when the-
photos were taken, chu wanning had surprised himself with the sliver of confidence he found through posing for the camera. mr doesn’t know that he’d imagined that instead of the photographer, the photos were being taken by someone who loved him, however impossible that dream-
might have been. he’d understood for a moment what it was like too feel sexy, even if it was an illusion that only lasted as long as the set decorations.
chu wanning cherished those photos, kept that fleeting feeling close to his heart for years. the days he felt the ugliest, it dulled the sharp edges of self loathing to think of himself in lingerie and lighting that hid some of his flaws
mo ran doesn’t know this, and he doesn’t know that when those photos were found by a student years later and circulated around campus, chu wanning lost something precious to him. that moment he’d clung to for years was tainted by the mocking whispers he’d gotten from students-
and the judgemental looks he’d gotten his fellow academics. shame replaced the warmth he’d felt at that memory. bitterness filled his heart, thorny and foul.

mo ran doesn’t know any of this, and chu wanning isn’t going to tell him.
mo ran knows he’s been asked to leave, but something brazen and stubborn in him keeps him standing rooted in the spot. he stares at chu wanning before him, who is still avoiding his gaze.

“professor,” he says slowly, “what do i think of you?”

chu wanning makes a cross “hmph!”
“as if you need me to tell you,” he responds shortly, icily.

mo ran hums in thought. “i think you do, actually,” he says. “because you seem very sure you know what i think”

chu wanning whips his head around at that. “you’re shameless,” he hisses through his teeth.
“i told you to LEAVE.”

mo ran shakes his head stubbornly. he steps forward. chu wanning steps back.

“i can’t,” he says softly, “not until you tell me”

chu wanning stays silent, tight lipped and furious.
mo ran wants to touch him, he realizes. the distance between them is suddenly a giant rift that mo ran yearns to cross.

he wishes chu wanning would /look/ at him
mo ran would have to be the most clueless man on earth to not hear the ragged, knife edged pain in chu wanning’s voice when he speaks next.

“don’t make me.”
in that moment, mo ran realizes what chu wanning thinks.

he thinks that mo ran is asking him to say mo ran thinks terribly of him.

mo ran’s heart shatters; what has happened to chu wanning that he would expect that kind of cruelty?
mo ran’s heart clenches.

he sees that he’s caused chu wanning pain and discomfort, and he cannot bear it. he cannot bear to leave knowing chu wanning is thinking like this.

he makes a decision and resolves to stick with it.
mo ran draws in a breath, shaking his head. “okay. then i’ll tell you myself”

chu wanning’s features darken. “don’t” he bites out.
“i think you’re wonderful.”

chu wanning blinks. “excuse me?”

mo ran takes another breath in, strengthening his resolve. he’s come this far, and chu wanning already has plenty reason to be furious with him. he sees no reason to leave chu wanning without being honest first.
“i admire you,” he says, his voice gentling. a soft laugh escapes him at the memory. so enthusiastic he’d been, bright eyed and full of admiration. “i came to you, remember? i asked to be your assistant.”

“i was the only professor available.”

“i would’ve still chosen you.”
“why?” chu wanning asks, but it comes out more as an accusation than a question. “that was your own misguided choice.”

“not misguided,” mo ran says firmly. “the best choice i’ve ever made.”
mo ran takes another step forward. chu wanning does not step back this time, but watches him carefully, his stance wary, like a timid cat. mo ran wants to rush forward, but knows that would spook him.

“professor, i—“ mo ran laughs again, shaking his head sheepishly. “considering
what you... saw. well. you’re /beautiful/.”

chu wanning visibly flinches. “stop lying,” he snaps. “didn’t i tell you to leave?

mo ran steps closer. they’re just a meter apart, close but not close enough. mo ran wants to draw him closer.

“not lying,” he says vehemently. “and-
i know what i did was inappropriate.” mo ran pauses to clear his throat. /that’s/ an understatement. “i found your photos and i was so surprised, i... i couldn’t help myself.” mo ran shakes his head at himself. “no, no, not an excuse, ah, how do i say this?”
he’s not good at words, he doesn’t know how to do this, but he’s trying, desperately.

“professor,” he murmurs, his voice taking on an edge of pleading. “we wouldn’t be in this situation if i... if i didn’t think you’re amazing. you’re... gorgeous, so talented, so intelligent—“
“stop.” chu wanning raises a shaking hand, silencing mo ran’s tangent. “i am... your professor. this is inappropriate.” he’s blushing furiously, cheeks rouged with palpable embarrassment.

mo ran perks up at that. “is that the only reason you want me to stop?”
chu wanning’s gaze is unyielding. “mo ran,” he says, his voice a low warning.

mo ran’s heart soars. that wasn’t a yes!

he doesn’t know what’s come over him—he’s dizzy with their proximity, the memory of just jerking off to this man still surging through him. his skin is-
heated, his heart tender. how had he spent so much time with chu wanning without realizing the tenderness he incites? mo ran watches him now and wonders if he’s been blind.

“chu wanning,” mo ran says, the feral beast in his chest making him bold. “what do you think of me?”
complicated, indecipherable emotions flit across chu wanning’s face as he inhales sharply. he says nothing.

mo ran’s boldness grows at chu wanning’s silence.

finally, he bridges the gap between them, striding forward the rest of the way to stand before chu wanning.
a smile pulls at the corners of mo ran’s lips, gentle, with an edge of mischief.

he leans in close, until they’re almost nose to nose, then turns his face to speak into chu wanning’s ear.

“you look very pretty in lace, professor.”
mo ran is close enough now that he hears how chu wanning’s breath catches in his throat, sees the bob of his adam’s apple as he swallows nervously. “stop teasing,” he says weakly.

“i’m telling the truth,” mo ran rumbles in his ear. “why do you think you found me like that?”
chu wanning gives no answer besides his shaky breaths.

mo ran presses on. “it suits you. you looked... /divine/“

he puts all of his reverence, his desire, his tenderness into his words, hoping desperately that chu wanning will hear the emotions in his voice.

mo ran leans-
back to look into chu wanning’s face once again, finding a shyness there that mo ran has never seen on his face before.

then again, mo ran has never been so bold with chu wanning.
“mo ran,” chu wanning says, his voice pained and small. “what are your intentions?”

mo ran considers. what are his intentions? he’d wanted to be honest with chu wanning, but why was that suddenly so important to him?

it’s about time he’s honest with himself too

“i want you.”
chu wanning shudders at mo ran’s words, his lip trembling as he looks at mo ran with disbelief written across his features. “you can’t possibly...”

“i do.”


god, does he want him. it’s washing over him like a torrential downpour, soaking into his flesh and bones.
want, need, desire. his admiration had always hidden a flame that flickered just beneath the surface, a flame that burned solely for chu wanning.
chu wanning does not say anything. instead, he stares at mo ran with searching eyes, lips parting ever so slightly.

heart pounding, mo ran lifts a hand to cup chu wanning's chin in a firm yet gentle grip.
chu wanning makes a small noise that sends a jolt of desire up mo ran’s spine. he looks a little lost, a little unsure, but... willing.

“do you want me?”

the silence between them is strung taut with anticipation.

finally, chu wanning lifts one shaking hand slowly, and curls-
his fingers around mo ran’s wrist.

chu wanning nods.

with his self control hanging on by a thread, that’s all the permission mo ran needs
with a growl that erupts from the very core of his being, mo ran surges forward, his other hand falling to the jut of chu wanning’s hip as he finally takes those lips for his own.

he kisses chu wanning thoroughly.

at the first touch of their lips, chu wanning gasps lightly-
against mo ran’s mouth and clutches his wrist tighter, a strangled sound rising from his throat and quivering in the space between their mouths. mo ran takes this as encouragement and presses forward, dropping his other hand on chu wanning’s waist as well, tugging him close until
their bodies are flush together. mo ran sighs happily, presses a smile into the kiss. “professor,” he murmurs, nipping playfully at chu wanning’s bottom lip. “i want you,” he says again, because he thinks chu wanning needs to hear it. “i want you.”
“don’t, ah—“ mo ran dips his head down and sucks a mark just below chu wanning’s ear. “don’t be embarrassing.”

“how could it be embarrassing to want you, professor?” mo ran presses a kiss to chu wanning’s neck, lips lingering there for a long moment.

chu wanning willfully-
does not answer.

he doesn’t need to, though.

mo ran can feel the way that chu wanning is leaning into him, melting into his touch. anger has thawed from his face and has left him with the prettiest dusting of pink over his cheeks

he feels the way chu wanning shivers at the-
light brush of lips on his skin.

overjoyed, mo ran soaks in the fact that chu wanning wants him back.

a rush of emotions come over him and he lowers his face onto chu wanning’s shoulder, burying his smile in the silk of his robe.
arms tighten around chu wanning’s waist as he holds him close, absorbing his intoxicating warmth.

chu wanning’s movements are hesitant when he reaches up to wrap his arms around mo ran’s neck
still smiling because he can’t seem to stop, mo ran bumps his nose against chu wanning’s neck before sinking his teeth into the sensitive flesh there. “mmm,” he hums appreciatively, “professor is delicious”
“don’t... don’t call me that right now,” chu wanning pants , clinging to mo ran’s neck.

“oh?” a kiss is laid at the junction where neck meets shoulder. “what should i call you? wanning?”



chu wanning gasps as mo ran begins sucking another mark into his skin
“impudent!” he huffs, which only makes mo ran laugh again.

“that’s not a no,” he points out, “baobei.”

he doesn’t miss the way chu wanning’s arms tighten around his neck
they lose themselves in the embrace, mo ran doing a diligent job of kissing chu wanning the way he deserves to be kissed—gentle and fierce. mo ran crowds him against the wall, drinking in every faltered breath, every broken sound chu wanning makes
eventually, they end up making their way across the room, still entangled, so that chu wanning is pressed against his desk.

“you can move everything,” chu wanning breaks away from the kiss to say.


chu wanning looks away, embarrassed. “there’s nothing important on the
desk” chu wanning explains.

mo ran understands, and with a grin that spreads wide across his face, he has the joy of swiping piles of junk off of chu wanning’s desk onto the floor
chu wanning ends up perched on the desk with mo ran standing between his spread knees. in the process, he ends up with his robe slipping down over his shoulders, chest bared to mo ran.

hungry, mo ran makes a meal of his body, laving his tongue over the hollow of his collarbone,
kisses a line down the center of his chest, sucking a nipple into his mouth as he rolls the other with his thumb. chu wanning makes the prettiest sounds as he is eaten

mo ran tells him so; “i love your sounds,” he croons, “so beautiful, baobei”

“ah, s-shut up!”
mo ran chuckles and gets back to work making a mess of chu wanning’s chest, plucking those sensitive buds with his fingers and teeth, drawing the prettiest sounds from his professor. each moan, each sigh of pleasure, makes light bloom in mo ran’s chest—/he/ did that
pausing here for now!!! more soon ^ ^
back with more!!
kissing chu wanning soundly, mo ran has the fleeting thought he’s doing something he’s always been meant to do.

again, he hadn’t exactly considered this before this night; sure he’s noticed that chu wanning is quite the beauty, but his attraction had been hidden under layers-
of admiration and respect.

here with chu wanning squirming in his arms, he knows he can never ignore this deep, carnal need ever again. he’s had one taste and he’s already addicted.

chu wanning, on the other hand, is no stranger to this need.
pining after mo ran has been a reality of his life for as long as he’s known him; he’s grown accustomed to the dull ache of wanting and not being wanted, accepted this silently, without resentment. it was not something he’d imagined would never happen—in fact, he was certain it-
/couldn’t/ happen. he’s too sharp and cool, aloof in a way that mo ran surely would never be drawn to. every time mo ran turned his devastating smile on him, he’s remember with a pang that he wasn’t capable of returning the same warmth. this is why it could never happen.
also, there was the small matter of inappropriateness in their professional relationship.

chu wanning’s chest swells with shame as he remembers this, just as mo ran smiles up at him from where he’s licking and sucking his chest. turns out, when the opportunity was presented, he
would easily toss those reservations out the window.

he can’t find it in himself to regret this.
with greedy, determined hands, mo ran’s hands find their way to chu wanning’s waist, fumbling with the tie on his robe. the robe falls open, fabric pooling around his waist. mo ran steps back to take in the sight before him hungrily.

chu wanning isn’t wearing anything-
under the robe, mo ran realizes. it’s barely staying on him at this point, slipping down over his arms and cascading over the dark wood beneath him. his long, leanly muscled legs have fallen open, and mo ran’s ravenous eyes fall on the space between them.
chu wanning’s excitement is rather obvious.

if he hadn’t known chu wanning was enjoying this by the needy gasps he’s drawn out of him, or the flush that spreads all the way down to his chest, he knows it for certain by the hardness between his thighs, reddened and leaking
chu wanning is panting, watching him with dazed, hazy eyes. long eyelashes flutter, chest rising and falling with faltered breaths.

a wave of embarrassment crosses over chu wanning’s face and he moves to cover himself.

“don’t /stare/,” he says, surely meant to be a sharp-
reprimand, but comes out pleading and breathless.

mo ran grabs chu wanning’s wrist before he can draw the robe over himself once again.

“don’t,” mo ran insists, the word rumbling hot and feral in his chest. “don’t hide from me. please.”
chu wanning doesn’t resist or object further. mo ran caresses the inside of chu wanning’s wrist with his thumb in a soothing, intimate motion. chu wanning trembles.

“beautiful,” mo ran croons.

then, without a second thought, he drops to his knees in front of chu wanning.
chu wanning’s breath catches at the act, sitting up a bit in surprise. his eyes grow frantic with shock. “mo ran, what are you-ah!”

mo ran hooks his arms underneath chu wanning’s knees, tugging him closer to the edge of the desk in one fluid motion. the movement causes-
chu wanning’s cock to bob in front of mo ran’s face.

stricken, chu wanning reaches out to place a hand on mo ran’s hair, stilling him. “mo ran, you don’t have to do that! stand up, stand up...”

mo ran turns his face to press a kiss to the inside of chu wanning’s thigh
“i /want/ to,” he says vehemently. “won’t you let me, wanning?”

“you can’t possibly...”

“please,” mo ran pleads, utterly shameless in his desire to take chu wanning into his mouth. he nuzzles chu wanning’s thigh. “let me?”

mo ran turns his face up to look at chu wanning.
apprehension colours his features, his lips pressed tightly together. mo ran waits patiently, like a pup waiting for permission to devour his meal
a long moment passes. finally, chu wanning’s face grows determined and he gives a small nod.

mo ran smiles bright as the sun. “don’t be nervous, baobei.”

“i’m not nervous,” chu wanning snaps, defensive and prickly. mo ran just chuckles; he’s already starting to understand how
to soften those sharp edges, thaw that cool indifference.

instead of answering, mo ran takes the head of chu wanning’s cock into his mouth.
the sound that chu wanning makes is heavenly, a cry that pierces the air with its wantonness, makes mo ran’s chest swell with pride. oh, he’s already addicted to chu wanning’s sounds, wants to be solely responsible for those erotic cries.

enthusiastic in his task, mo ran begins
to push forward with his mouth, taking more of chu wanning inside until he feels the tip nudging the back of his throat.

he looks up at chu wanning the entire time, watches him tilt his head back, hair slipping over his shoulders as he looses his moans into the air, thick with
the sounds of their coupling. he keeps one hand in mo ran’s hair, fingers tangling there, while the other hand lifts to cover his traitorous mouth.

mo ran pulls off of chu wanning’s cock quickly. “don’t hide, baobei, remember? i want to hear you,” mo ran urges gently.
chu wanning looks down at him with damp eyelashes fluttering. “make me,” he dares.

mo ran’s brows shoot up at that, his spent cock twitching eagerly with interest at the implications behind those words
an image appears in his mind of him pinning chu wanning down, giving him no opportunity to hide those delicious sounds, and pleasure him thoroughly until he’s a mewling mess beneath him.

mo ran shakes the thought away as chu wanning reaches out, offering his hand to mo ran.
“ah,” mo ran thinks with delight, “so it was a request, then.”

mo ran happily tangles their fingers together, enjoying the soft slide of chu wanning’s palm against his own. he squeezes gently in, a silent reassurance.

chu wanning has opened up to him in a small yet
significant way, silently asking mo ran to take the option of hiding from him away. is he too shy, then, to resist hiding?

mo ran wants to drive that shame out of him, wants to bring him to a place of pleasure where he can’t think of his own name, let alone keeping quiet
in the meantime, though, mo ran is more than willing to give chu wanning what he needs. he holds onto his hand tightly, keeping it trapped within his own. “keep your other hand in my hair, yeah?” mo ran says, punctuating the statement with a sweet kiss to the head of
chu wanning’s cock. “you can pull a little, if that helps.”

chu wanning frowns slightly. “won’t it hurt?”

mo ran grins a wolfish smile. “i like it.”
chu wanning’s flush deepens. “oh,” he murmurs, understanding. he does as he’s told, burying his fingers further into mo ran’s hair.

mo ran doesn’t waste any more time after that.

he takes chu wanning deep, choking slightly on chu wanning’s girth; smaller than his own, but
still considerable. he finds he likes the slick slide of chu wanning’s cock slipping over his tongue, likes the stretch of his lips around the fullness. he likes that chu wanning trembles as he does this, emitting soft cries that fall unhindered from his lips.
“ah, you’re so beautiful like this, wanning,” mo ran croons appreciatively before licking up the length of chu wanning’s cock. “you’re irresistible.”

chu wanning’s hand twitches in mo ran’s hold, as if he wishes to cover his face with it. he groans when mo ran tightens his hold
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at the sound of that groan, mo ran lights up with realization. he pulls off of chu wanning’s cock and looks up at him, eyes bright with excitement. “baobei,” he says, a mischievous curve on his lips. “do you like to be pinned down?”

chu wanning’s pheonix eyes widen at that, his
mouth falling open in surprise. eyes that were just moments ago filled with hazy lust are now astonished and furious. “h-how shameless!” he snaps, snatching his hand away. mo ran lets him, but doesn’t stop grinning up at him.
“please forgive my shamelessness, professor,” he says, laying it on thick. he lets his now empty hand settle on chu wanning’s trim waist. “you just seemed to like when i grabbed your hand like that...”

“who said i liked it!”

chu wanning refuses to look at him, his face burning
mo ran’s hand rubs a soothing circle over chu wanning’s hip. “will you look at me?”

chu wanning ignores him

his knees are starting to ache now, so he stands up. his hands find their place on either side of chu wanning’s face as he tilts his face up gently, forcing him to meet
mo ran’s eyes.

mo ran cradles his face like he’s precious, because he /is/. “wanning, there’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

chu wanning doesn’t try to break contact, but his expression is still stormy. now that he’s learning to look for it, mo ran notices the embarrassment-
hovering just below the surface.

chu wanning stubbornly does not respond.

mo ran chuckles. “you know, i can give you what you want,” he says softly, stroking a thumb over chu wanning’s cheek. “i would be happy to.”
chu wanning’s lip trembles at that, as if holding all of his emotions caught between his teeth. “don’t... don’t be ridiculous.”

mo ran is filled with glee. “you haven’t said no, professor.”

“i thought i told you not to call me that.”

“ah, right. baobei.”
in truth, mo ran has resolved to give chu wanning whatever he wants, willing to pleasure him in any way that he wants. he wants to take the time to get to know chu wanning’s needs, what he likes, what will make him scream.
chu wanning has all the power to demand anything from mo ran, if only he can find the voice.

mo ran is happy to guide him along the way.

“we can stop if you want,” he begins.

“no,” chu wanning says, darkly.

mo ran chuckles. ah, alright, they’re already getting somewhere.
“or...” mo ran continues, “i can do this gently. sweetly. like you deserve.”

chu wanning’s breath hitches in his throat.

“or,” he says slowly, words melting into a smooth drawl, words dripping hotly from his lips. “i can turn you over this desk and fuck you like you /need/“
mo ran has the utmost pleasure of discovering his predictions are not unfounded; chu wanning’s lips part at his words. his already flushed cheeks deepen to a darker rouge, his eyes going glassy.

rather than refusing to answer, it seems that
this time, chu wanning doesn’t quite know what to say.

mo ran, spurred on by chu wanning’s reactions, pushes on. “but you have to /tell me/, wanning. what do you want?”

silence stretches out between them. mo ran waits, quelling the beast inside of him that wants to both
ravish and cherish the man before him. he wants to tear him apart and put him back together, yet wants to bring him to tears with sweet caresses. he wants to mark that pale skin with his teeth, wants to hold him down and rut into him, wants to stroke his hair and tell him over-
and over again how beautiful he is, how good. tenderness meets ferocity under the guise of desire, making his blood pump hotly through his veins, his heart thud painfully in his chest. he /wants/ so badly.

but he waits.
a breath, then another. chu wanning’s face burns hot beneath mo ran’s hands as he swallows thickly.

a steely will blossoms in those eyes.

“... fuck me.”

a thrill runs like electricity down his spine. chu wanning had spoken so quietly, but there was no mistaking those words
still, mo ran can’t help but tease a little.

“what was that, baobei?” mo ran asks, smiling sweetly. “i need you to tell me louder. what do you want.”

frustration appears in the form of a crease between chu wanning’s brow.

“fuck me,” he snaps.
mo ran allows himself a moment to marvel at how adorable chu wanning is when he’s embarrassed and demanding; the sharpness of the words reveal a plea, a desperation.

it’s all the permission mo ran needs.
mo ran’s lips crash into chu wanning’s mouth like a wave breaking on the shore; for all his flustered grumpiness, chu wanning opens up beautifully with a small moan as their lips touch. when mo ran coaxes his lips open with his own, chu wanning opens his mouth willingly, allowing
mo ran inside. mo ran kisses him fiercely, until chu wanning is breathless.

“i’ll take care of you, wanning.”

with that, mo ran releases the beast inside of him.

with sure, steady hands, mo ran tugs chu wanning off the desk so they’re standing chest to chest, panting.
then, he manhandles chu wanning to exactly where they both want him to be; bent over the same desk where chu wanning discusses his research with him. plump, round cheeks point upwards, bared for mo ran to see.

mo ran takes a moment to drink in the sight before him.
“perfect,” he breathes, reaching out with a reverent touch to trail his fingertips over the curve of chu wanning’s spin.

chu wanning shivers.

“stop /looking/, ahhh-“

chu wanning chokes on his own voice as mo ran grabs his hips roughly and pushes his still clothed cock-
against chu wanning’s bare rear.

mo ran groans. “how can you ask me to look away when you’re like this?”

chu wanning’s response is a moan that ripples through him, quaking his entire body as mo ran grinds his hips frantically against his ass
“you want me here, don’t you?” mo ran growls. he leans over and gathers chu wanning’s wrists in one hand, pale and creamy against his own golden skin, and pins them above his head, pressing them down onto the desk. chu wanning allows this, desperate little sounds falling from his

“you want me just like this, inside you, taking you apart... don’t worry, i’ll give you what you need.”

mo ran leans down over chu wanning’s prone body, pressing his front to the length of chu wanning’s back. “i need it too, wanning,” mo ran rumbles in his ear, nipping
at the lobe. chu wanning shudders and he mewls softly, an intoxicating sound that betrays his arousal.

chu wanning’s body is responding to beautifully; he’s relaxed into mo ran’s touch, trembling and gasping at every moment of contact. the robe has been tossed aside at this-
at this point, leaving chu wanning naked beneath mo ran, while he himself is fully clothed.

he likes that, mo ran realizes with a jolt of realization sparking light in his veins. bare and exposed for him, so willing and lewd in his desire to be fucked within an inch of his life
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mo ran is immensely affected seeing chu wanning like this—willing and desperate. mo ran can feel himself becoming addicted to this, wants to take in every moment of this. he wants to give chu wanning everything he wants, wants to pleasure him thoroughly, sweetly, urgently.
it’s not entirely selfless—there’s a deep need growing inside of him, the need to mark and claim this beautiful man, wants to be selfish and keep chu wanning all to himself. possessivenesss is an intoxicant, spreading through his veins with hot, heady warmth.
this beast inside of him growls ferociously, feral with need. it is tempered by a soothing, calm hand that strokes through thick fur; not quite tame, not quite contained. mo ran traps this beast deep inside of himself. it obeys only one master: the desires of the man laying
beneath mo ran.

if chu wanning were to set it free... well.

it would heed chu wanning and him alone, would do anything it could to satisfy him.
mo ran leans down to kiss chu wanning’s shoulder, lips lingering there for a long moment. it is so easy to be tender with chu wanning. it comes naturally; chu wanning invites tenderness, though he may shy away from it when it is given.
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