GENIE is another Korean platform where international fans can still make an account and help out with streaming!
We will be providing streamable links from the day of the comeback onwards, but it’s important that you have your account ready to stream before the 17th of August 💪
Please see our guides on how to make a GENIE account & stream using a provided link.

🔗how to create an account: https://7-dreamers.com/how-to-sign-up-for-genie/

🔗how to stream from a provided streamable link: https://7-dreamers.com/how-to-stream-on-genie/

Note: you don’t need to buy a genie pass for this to work!
We encourage as many InSomnia as possible to make a GENIE account and to participate in streaming with the link once per hour!

Let’s get those digital points up this comeback Somnies 💙
You can follow @7_DREAMERS.
Tip: mention @twtextapp on a Twitter thread with the keyword “unroll” to get a link to it.

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