Let’s see what y’all got.
Since I’m the one who made this in the first place, here’s a whole thread of mine lol.
Animal Kingdom is the worst of the Disney Parks.
We DID NOT deserve Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway.
Hollywood Studios, overall, is better now than it was before all the major refurbishments happened, pre-start of Toy Story Land construction.
The ONLY thing I ask for from the huge EPCOT overhaul is a new, better, Figment ride.
If Tommorowland Speedway was bulldozed, I wouldn’t be upset.
The Wonderful World of Disney Animation (projection show before Star Wars fireworks at Hollywood Studios) was better than actual firework show.
Replace Dinoland U.S.A with a Ducktales Land. Dinosaur can be turned into a dark ride with Huey, Dewey, and Louie. Primeval Whirl can be demolished for some type of live show. Etc. Etc.
Beauty and the Beast Dark Ride should come here. Specifically where Enchanted Tales is now.
The Great Muppet Movie Ride should of happened. And yes, that was actually going to be a thing, search it up.
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