The QAnon Ban Evasion Thread for @Jack @twittersupport and @TwitterSafety to look at whenever they feel like putting their back into actually stopping QAnon promoters from making accounts on this site.
1. Feel free to DM me or reply to this thread with screen grabs of people either promoting their new ban evasion accounts or of QAnon supporters telling people to follow people on their new ban evasion accounts. I will update this thread nightly.
2. Here is "Eyes on Q" fresh off his ban promoting his ban evasion account and having Major Patriot and CJTRUTH joining in on helping get his audience back.
3. Martin Geddes retweeting Pepe Deluxe's new account.
4. CJTRUTH on the Pepe Deluxe Train.
5. Joe M on his 3rd account demanding people make accounts to commit ban evasion to promote QAnon.
6. Praying Medic telling people how to ban evade more effectively.
7. Tony asks everyone to follow him after getting banned.
8. Sun Q is back with a new ban evasion account and is being promoted by CJTRUTH and Major Dad.
9. Prison Mike is back for another go around. (That’s Tommy G for those that don’t get the joke.
10. Dilley (Who is on a ban evasion account) celebrates how awesome it is that his followers get banned and instantly rejoin twitter.
11. Stuntman from Out of Shadows shills for Sun Q's new ban evasion account.
12. ET retweet's Sun Q's statement that ET's legendary ban evasion skills that have inspired him to commit ban evasion.
13. 40 Head gets banned and comes back on twitter and gets a quick signal boost from ET.
14. Eyes On Q complains about being kicked off Twitter yet again and Major Dad gives them a signal boost. It's the Ban Evasion Life.
15. ET is now on his 19th account after being banned yet again. You'll notice his account was made "November 2011" so he's clearly back on the grey market of paying for or being gifted old Twitter accounts to help with ban evasion.
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