1/ Anglo Toronto media will probably blow this off but I would argue that from a fedgov/treasury board perspective, this - not all the stuff about board governance or bank covenants - is actually a smoking gun wrt due diligence on the contribution agreement. https://twitter.com/TomPark1n/status/1291369024757039105
2/ ESDC's main due diligence task was not to make Jesse Brown's life easier by investigating WE's internal affairs: it was to make sure that WE was actually capable of implementing this national program. That means being able to offer services in both official languages.
3/ As I noted at the time, even the quickest glance at WE's website should have thrown up red flags about their being able to offer the program in both languages. if they couldn't do that, they needed a credible partner to help them do it not just in QC but nationally.
4/ And needless to say, National PR is not a credible partner in program delivery. I don't understand what kind of due diligence check could have given a passing grade to this option.
5/ Again, doesn't mean there was corruption of breach of trust at work. Simplest explanation is still dumb program-design + insane timelines = people cutting corners that should not have been cut. This just tells us the cut corners were a lot bigger than initially thought.
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