The mystery behind the sudden love of DMK MLA Ku.Ka Selvam for Narendra Modi.

DMK Thousand Lights MLA, Ku.Ka Selvam, suddenly found a new love for Narendra Modi during a pandemic & went all the way to express his love. 1/n
Unfortunately, when his love overflowed uncontrollably, Modi Ji was quite busy. So Selvam expressed his Modi love to BJP National President JP.Nadda and also placed a wish list for 2 Lifts for in Nungambakkam Railway Station to a party which is auctioning railways. 2/n
Ku Ka selvam MLA is the chairman of Sri Jaya Educational Trust. The trust owns about 10 acres of land worth about 150 crores.

The land was mired in multiple litigations due to its complicated legal heirs. 4/n
Two warring families with more than a dozen legal heirs each have filed multiple civil suits in various courts.

This land has been given under a lease to MGR Educational Trust and lease is for 15 years from 2011. 5/n
(Vide Lease deed registered on 21.4.2011 in document number 2235 of 2011, SRO, Virugambakkam).

In connection with the land dispute, Ku.Ka Selvam, in 2010 engaged the services of now Co-Chairman of Bar Council India, then the self owned 6/n
Tamil Nadu Advocates Association, and with the help of 80 advocates used violence to take possession of the land. There was huge chaos in Maduravoyal PS on the said day in 2010. Subsequently, this issue also cropped up when 7/n
Now, sources say, that due to mounting debts, Selvam desparately want to sell the land but unsuccessful due to the complicated litigations. Further, Selvam had already spent about 6 crores on this property so far to retain it. 9/n
Selvam’s dubious trick to hoodwink the Madras HC to get legitimacy for his possession of the land by seeking police protection of the property was turned down by Madras HC on 15th July 2020. 10/n 
Following this, Selvam knew his time is up. He has to take some drastic step to ensure that he stays afloat.

The BJP has promised, money, muscle and official power to Selvam to enable him to sell the disputed land which is said to be worth 150 crores. 11/n
TN BJP leaders saw Selvam’s predicament as a juicy opportunity to squeeze Selvam for money. Selvam took the bait and he will be history inside BJP, after the initial euphoria subsides. 12/12

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