sorry for the negativity, but it seems that I have to resolve to public shaming to get a response from @Travel2be - before the pandemic I booked a flight with two from my school to Japan in the fall. We are not allowed to enter Japan per this date due to the pandemic, and (...)
(...) and the pandemic wont be over in October. I have already once applied for a refund, which was denied by @travel2be - I have now tried to call their danish costumer service 4 times, but it never gets answered and I am cut off. when clicking their contact information (...)
on the site of @travel2be - nothing appears. I have the old email adress from last I attempted to get my money back for a flight we cannot take due to WORLD PANDEMIC!
Now waiting for a response. The whole thing is awfully stressfull, (...)
(...) and it appears that @travel2be is greedy and shady in their terms of COSTUMER SERVICE. At first we would have been fine with just rescheduling to a later flight once the pandemic is over, but we have NO trust in this company, and want a full refund. (...)
(...) I would appreciate a lot if you would share, comment - just something, to this thread. maybe if @travel2be gets put in a bad light for fucking over their costumers in an already difficult time due to a damn WORLD PANDEMIC, maybe they will actually do something about this.
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