So badly need an egg roll. and not the kind you can get at home. The kind you need to go to the road side stall for, wiggle your way through taller customers to the front, shout your order out over the noise of the traffic and the chowmein frying in some giant korai, repeat it
for good measure, watch patiently and beady eyed as they roll the dough, pour on the oil on the tawa, slap the paratha on, crack open the eggs, whisk the ON THE paratha, flip, fry, press, rotate, flip on to grubby counter, get perturbed as they begin to roll it without adding
sauce and peyanj and then have a mini heart break as you realise its meant for somebody else. Give that guy major nojor . Repeat process till its finally your roll and you make sure they get right combo of sauce lebu lonka peyanj in, roll in paper, hand over. Sigh.
And the smells! Ah the smells. Does anything smell better than greasy eggs frying next to a giant vat of chowmein?
And then you give phoo because its too hot and take a tentative bite and once you get to the bit where all the sauce is its JUST OMG and then in spite of your best intentions of tearing paper off neatly you make a mess of it and have to keep phhew pheewing tiny bits off paper
off from your tongue (once in a while you eat a bit of paper what is there) and if you are anything like me the bottom of the roll where they stuff the paper in collapses from the weight of the sauce and onions and because you have been clutching the middle too tight and you have
sauce all over your white kurta and new bag.
"sauce hobe"?
"hain hain, aar kashundi o Deben; chilli sauce ektu beshi"
*head nod*
watch him squueze on the tiiiny lebur piece, roll it up, be a bit sad for the tiny bit of onion filling that falls off and then focus on the roll.
It's a full day later and I still want to be in a crowded stall getting my face steamed and waiting for the roll wala to squeeze that lebu on to the sauce kancha lonka peyanj so I know now my roll really is done. Sigh.
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