This is very well explained - well done, sir.

However for me, it inadvertently surfaces why the phrase "White Privilege" is problematic. It *needs* explaining *and* softening, because by default it is a charged phrase likely to offend people who feel distinctly 'unprivileged'.
Particularly older people for whom the word 'privilege' holds connotations of riches or accident of birth - the very things that John needs to explain away (before which time, a whole load of listeners will have been thrown on the defensive by the phrase).
So it seems "white privilege" is a term designed to provoke. Indeed maybe it is used for that very reason: to shake people out of lazy assumptions/torpor. I don't know but I can imagine it angering some folk and thus become counter-productive. Actually I don't need to imagine...
Still, what do I know? I'm white and *actually* privileged compared to most.
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