I saw alot of people on SM calling the construction of ram temple "on a crime spot" & "the death of secularism".
I have just 1 question. How exactly?

Ram Mandir was the birthplace of Shri Ram. The birth of Ram is unknown. The researches have found out it to be around 5114 BC
..that definitely is way before the Mughal invasion in Bharat.
Babur was a "Mughal emperor"
The *Babri mosque* is believed to have been constructed during 1528-29 by a certain 'Mir Baqi' who was a commander of Babur.
Before the 1940s, the #BabriMasjid was called Masjid-i-Janmasthan ("mosque of the birthplace") including in the official documents such as revenue records.

There are 100s of proofs that clear out the air & state the fact that " #RamMandir was invaded & babri was built"
The same was done with #somnath temple. Invaded soo many times by the mughals.
There are so many more temples & forts & structures that were invaded & destroyed. That's what invaders do right?
They destroy your things & build their own.
The prob is not about the truth
The prob is "politics" around it
Why did the Govt then nt take necessary actions?Why was the temple not "reconstructed" then?
Why was it fed to the ppl tht it's a matter of "Hindu-Muslim" & communal narrative was set?
Why not "bharatiya heritage"?
Why did the then CM Mulayam singh gave shoot orders at #Karsevaks? Why?

Why do some of us feel the need to be "apologetic" & "guilty" of being happy about our culture? Or ashamed to wear it on our sleeves?
Aren't we all "Bharatiya" ?
" #mughals" are not our ancestors.
Ram Mandir Reconstruction is a matter of National Pride. It is a symbol of getting free from the bruises of Invasions that we were carrying with us even after Independence of the country.

So Why is it made to appear like a crime ?
Why do the hindus instead of expecting their muslim friends to wish them on this auspicious day post that "aaj ayodhya me mandir ban raha hai kal masjid b banega"?
There are alot of masjids & mandirs in the country already & there will be alot of them in the future.Obviously!
None of us have to FEEL GUILTY to wear our culture on our sleeves.

I have many muslim friends Very close and dear to me. And they DID wish me for #RamMandirAyodhya
I can write & express all my emotions & express my religious faith coz i know they respect it too.
They know where we belong and who we are.
And IF you feel SCARED to hurt sentiments of your friends OR feel GUILTY of expressing yourself trust me You Need New Friends.
Coz friendship doesnt need "appeasement".
I wish them on Eid they wish me on Diwali. That is SECULARISM.
and its not going anywhere.
Stop falling for politics 🙏🏻

#JaiShreeRam 🧡
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